“World of Gymnastics” FIG magazine

Did you know about the official FIG magazine “World of Gymnastics”?

I didn’t. You can order it for 30.00 CHF = 23 EUR (Europe) or 45 CHF = 46 USD (other countries) – 15 CHF per issue, that’s not cheap. Or you can try one for free!

It is published three times a year and it covers all our events as the World Championships, the World Cups, and as some other special events like the Olympic Games, the World Games…you will read our previews, reports, interviews, official news, results and rankings…

If you are interested, we can send you one issue for FREE to have a look and then decide if you want to subscribe to it. Do not hesitate to email us. (shop@fig-gymnastics.org)


Does anyone know it? Is it worth the money?

2 Responses to ““World of Gymnastics” FIG magazine”

  1. Full Twist Says:

    I hadn’t actually heard of it before, I should really check the FIG shop out!! I’m always cautious of buying subscriptions to magazines / videos websites for gym, as I don’t know whether it will be worth my money.I’d also love to know if the magazine is any good.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I used to subscribe, way back, maybe 1998 ish? TBH wasn’t worth the money then but maybe has improved since?

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