FIG World Cup Series 2011

This years first FIG A-World Cup will take place on 5th March in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s the “old” American Cup, which has been upgraded to be a part of the World Cup series.

Three more A-World Cups are scheduled on:

April, 16th – Glasgow (Grand Prix) provisional registration

November, 12th/13th – Stuttgart (DTB-Pokal)

November, 26th/27th – Tokyo

There won’t be event finals anymore, but only an all-around competition (no qualification). Only seniors may participate.

At the first event of the year 2011 the following gymnasts are eligible and must be invited: The best 8 gymnasts from C-II of the 2010 FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Rotterdam, plus 1 Wild Card*, in case the Organizing Member Federation has no eligible gymnast and wishes to receive a “Wild Card”. In case of a tie at the 8th place, the tie will not be broken. (more information)

UPDATE: These are the participating nations gymnasts for the first World Cup in Jacksonville (nominative registration on February 5th):

WAG – Aliya Mustafina, Yuyuan Jiang, Quishuang Huang, Lauren Mitchell, Ariella Kaeslin, Jessica Lopez, Elisabeth Seitz, Alexandra Raisman (see who didn’t want to / couldn’t come)

MAG – Kohei Uchimura, Philipp Boy, Jonathan Horton, Mykola Kuksenkov, Daniel Purvis, Bo Lu, Sergey Khorokhordin, Koji Uematsu (the top eight in the World)

The gymnasts receive World Cup points and prize money according to their ranking.

15.000 CHF = 15.400 USD

Gymnasts who aren’t invited to compete at an A-World Cup may participate in a so called “Challenger Cup” (formerly B-World Cup) in Cottbus (GER) = Tournament of Masters, Doha (QAT), both in March, Gent (BEL), Maribor (SLO), both in September, Osijek (SLO) and Ostrava (CZE), both in November.

At these Challenger Cup, there won’t be an AA competition, but only the good old event finals on all ten apparatus (men & women).

The organizing member federation may invite FIG member federations in good standing at their discretion, but must invite at least all Member Federations who have gymnasts in the best 12 per individual apparatus from the B Category Challenger Cup Ranking List for Individual Apparatus. In case of a tie at the 12th place for Individual Apparatus competitions, the tie will not be broken. At the first event of the year 2011 the following gymnasts are eligible and must be invited: the federations of the best 12 gymnasts per apparatus from the 2010 Challenger Cup Ranking List. In case of a tie at the 12th place, the tie will not be broken. (more information)

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