Shayla Worley rocks the beam

Shayla Worley – one of my favorite American gymnasts – has grown up. She’s not a girl anymore, but a real women.

Besides a slight balance check and a step on the dismount, she performs a real clean beam routine with confidence for Georgia. And I love the combination: onodi+jump+sheep jump (do you have a English name for the jump in which she changes her legs?)!

Watch her beam routine for the Gym Dogs at gymnastike – the “Routine of the Week” (embedding doesn’t work)!

Gymnastike Routine of the week from the first week of 2011 gymnastics coverage goes to our beam champion from the quad meet at DU, Georgia sophomore Shayla Worley. The Gym Dogs started the meet off on bars and it was a rough rotation, especially for Shayla. They moved on to beam and completely turned it around, capped off by this lovely routine from 2007 World Champion Shayla Worley. This routine, with the choreography assistance of former Gym Dog Courtney McCool, has some unique combinations that stand apart from other college sets and there’s a wonderful flow throughout the routine. Georgia went on to win the meet and are ranked #6 Nationally after week one.

Click play or watch her 2008 Olympic trials beam routine on YouTube:

One Response to “Shayla Worley rocks the beam”

  1. katrina Says:

    That little is a jump and its similar to a jump is called a changement in ballet

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