Chusovitina News

Oksana Chusovitina who turns 36 this year already prepares for the upcoming season and her first competition.

Oksana and her son Alisher

Chusovitina trains for the “Svetlana-Boginskaya-Cup” in the USA as well as her 14th participation at the Tournament of Masters in Cottbus (FIG-Challenger-Cup). I guess with “Svetlana-Boginskaya-Cup” she means the Houston National Invitational on March 4th-6th, where she participated last year, too (only on VT). At the moment, there aren’t many informations online (HNI). Or do you have a better idea what the Svetlana-Boginskaya-Cup might be? Bogi and Chuso both were on the 1992 gold-medal-winning team at the Olympics in Barcelona and you can see her applauding Chusovitina after her vaults in the video above.

Chusovitina has been quite successful as the head coach of the Uzbekistan women team. After the team qualified for Tokyo and earned the bronze medal at the Asian Games the Uzbekistan Sports Federation named her “coach of the year”. The girls train regularly in a national training center in Germany (Cologne/Bergisch-Gladbach).

The only apparatus she doesn't plan to train on: the uneven bars.

About her future plans as an active gymnast: “Vault is an will be my best apparatus, but I’ll now return to full training and also turn to floor and beam and offer myself, because I know how important it’ll be for the team for the upcoming World Championships in the fall. If you need me, I’m available!”

complete article on gymmedia (German)

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    […] competed at the Svetlana Boginskaya Invitational meet last weekend on beam and vault. Apparently, there is such thing as a ‘Svetlana Boginskaya Invitational’… She earned 9.850 on VT and 9.025 on BB under the Level 10 scoring. Former Russian Daria […]

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