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Shawn Johnson has a new website with new photo galleries (New Year’s Eve in NYC), videos, a blog…

Getting back into the long hours of training has definitely been difficult and made me question my ability and strength, but it’s been 6 months now and seeing the incredible progress I’ve made still makes me believe that somewhere inside of me I still have “IT”. I’m working more hours in the gym now than ever before, pushing myself back into the gymnast I once was, and let me tell you it’s not easy. Overcoming the knee injury has definitely been a setback and has limited the intensity of training at times, but it’s coming along. I’m constantly battling body aches, mental fatigue, doubt and frustration, but it always seems like every time I hit that wall… I have a great day or practice and everything is back to normal. BTW, I actually just landed my first double layout on the hard surface today and that is a HUGE step for me J.  I’m slowly working my way through skills and routines, piecing together what I, hopefully, will be competing in the next two years as I set my sights on 2012.

Another big step I just took in my comeback was returning to the Karolyi camp in Texas. WOW, was I a nervous wreck going into that one! It had been more than two years since I’d been there and I felt like a complete outsider. I wasn’t sure what to expect…if I was going to be up to par, where I would stand, or if I’d still be accepted and fit in!!  Hahaha, I guess I’m just a little worry wart because it was actually an amazing experience. It was great seeing all of the National Team coaches again and of course all of the girls…but the moment that meant the most and will be something I never forget was how excited Martha was to see me there at camp and how comforting, supportive and genuinely happy she was for me. Some of the things she personally said to me (sorry guys, I have to keep it a secret) are things I will never ever forget and meant more to me then she will ever know. I was still her little “pumpkin” and I left feeling as if nothing had changed. (December 8th)

Sounds good!


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