Moscow Championships

The 2011 Moscow Championships were held on Januray 25th in the Dynamo gym. The girls at Round Lake competed at their own gym and added their scores to the competition in the end.

These are the all-around results according to Anastasia Sidorova’s website:

1. Maria Chibiskova
2. Anna Myzdrikova
3. Elena Syrnikova

Myzdrikova, Chibiskova, Syrinkova


Anna Myzdrikova

Diana Sapronova, Anna Dementyeva, Maria Stepanova, Anastasia Sidorova, Anna Rodionova, Kristina Sidorova?


see more pictures from the Moscow Championships on sportgymrus and anastasiasidorova

Watch out for the Russian Championships in Penza on February 21st-27th!

3 Responses to “Moscow Championships”

  1. betweentheolympics Says:

    The girl on the far left is Diana Sapronova. I think the girl on the far right is Kristina Sidorova, but I’m only 90% sure. She was supposed to compete, so it probably is.
    What is on Chibiskova’s arms??? I wish that there were actually videos of the top gymnasts (not the ones that won things) so I would have some idea how that podium happened. Scores would work too. I’m also confused about the adding scores in the end thing. It seems to have been deleted from Grishina’s website, and the photos have all of the gymnasts in them.
    I’m looking forward to the Russian Championship if there are videos. I want to see what Grishina looks like so much! She’s been out forever :(. I wonder if Komova will be back by then.

    • gymnicetic Says:

      Thanks for the informations! I updated the post.
      I guess Chibiskova cut off the sleeves and wore them as armwarmers…
      The only videos I’ve seen (via fulltwist) were uploaded by omternovykh on YouTube.

  2. marco Says:


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