The Gymnastics McLaughlin Group #3

This weeks question: Sacramone notwithstanding, which 2008 U.S. Olympian has the best shot at making the 2012 women’s team?

Okay, we have Sam Peszek, Chellsie Memmel, Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin and Bridget Sloan. Well, “STOI!” wrote about Chellsie’s return to training and her strength on the weakest apparatus of the US team, the UB, which makes her very attractive — if she really gets her routine back and maybe even improves it. But then, we all know her history of injuries…

Nastia Liukin seems to be a bit indecisive about a comeback and you can’t blame her – this girl has achieved everything (in gymnastics) she ever dreamed of. Bridget Sloan just doesn’t have the class and difficulty to be on the US team again, if younger and better gymnasts (Wieber, Bross among others) fight for the spots. (Sorry, that’s my opinion, maybe she proves me wrong.) And I don’t think Sam Peszek will really try a comeback as an elite gymnast.

BUT, since a couple of months ago, it has been relatively quiet for Shawn Johnson. Which might mean, she is training really hard for her comeback. And if so, she won’t come back in order to place in the lower ranks. Shawn wants gold, Olympic (AA) gold — the only thing she didn’t get. And if she’s back on the top again, it will be easy for her to join the team: She’s an excellent competitor (physical and especially mental), she had almost no injuries and she’s capable of really big gymnastics. (GymNiceTic)

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One Response to “The Gymnastics McLaughlin Group #3”

  1. georgert Says:

    I’m assuming that Sacramone is not mentioned because she’s probably the most likely 2012 team member. Nevertheless, while Liukin, Johnson and Memmel are all working in the gym and with the exception of Johnson mostly hinting about possible comebacks, it never ceases to amaze that Sloan, whose time off was imposed due to injury, is frequently dismissed. Development of athletic skills is a marathon not a sprint. She’s an AA World Champion and continues to persevere. She doesn’t have to “comeback” because she never left. And while Wieber and Maroney are totally legit, I don’t think anyone should overlook Raisman or even Larson, and Bross is of course in a league of her own. While I’m sure all the girls are friends, I look forward to watching the cat fight for spots in 2011 and 2012.

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