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Oksana Chusovitina back on the Beam

February 28, 2011

Oksana Chusovitina, who turns 36 in June, competed at the Svetlana Boginskaya Invitational last weekend on beam and vault. Apparently, there is such thing as a ‘Svetlana Boginskaya Invitational’… She earned 9.850 on VT and 9.025 on BB under the Level 10 scoring. Former Russian Daria Yelizarova (UZB) and now coached by Chusovitina placed first with a phenomenal 9.825 on FX, Rachel Abrams (USA) second and Luiza Galiulina (UZB) third in an overall very small meet. Russian Victoria Kuzmina won the junior competition.

Chusovitina will support the German team on vault, beam and probably also on floor in the future.

See complete results on IG. And more informations on gymmedia.

Tokyo 2011 Poster

February 25, 2011

GymnasticsCoaching already posted the beautiful poster and the competition days of this years World Championships in Tokyo. If you are a huge fan and you can’t wait the games to begin, you can download the poster, print it and put in on your wall. Actually, it’s one of the best posters for gymnastics competitions I’ve seen.

Russian Championships 2011 – Results

February 23, 2011

We have the first medalists of the Russian Gymnastics Championships 2011!

Pavlova, Dementyeva, Polyan

Anna Dementyeva placed first with 58.050, Anna Pavlova came second with 56.200 and Alena Polyan third scoring 55.150. Viktoria Komova had the highest score on bars – 16.700 (be aware of the fact that Russia uses a modified CoP), Dementyeva the highest on floor – 15.100, Yulia Belokobylskaya the highest on beam – 14.550 – and Pavlova the highest on vault – 14.900.

complete resultsphotos (click on the links to see the podium and training pictures)

And if you want a way better coverage of the meet go to Rewriting Russian Gymnastics!

UPDATE: On the men’s side, Maxim Devyatovsky (87.90) won over Pavel Russinyak (87.00) and Nikita Ignatyev (86,10). Check out IG for results and more.

Seitz won’t compete in Jacksonville

February 23, 2011

In less than two weeks, the first FIG World Cup 2011 will take place in the USA – but without German gymnast Elisabeth Seitz. She won’t compete because her landings aren’t as stable and safe as necessary after she had to undergo surgery in November last year. Nevertheless, one week later, she’ll be at the Challenger World Cup in Cottbus competing only on the uneven bars.

After several gymnasts already rejected the invitation, the field looks as following:

MEN – Philipp Boy, Jonathan Horton, Mykola Kuksenkov, Daniel Purvis, Koji Uematsu, Samuel Hunter, Kim Soo Myun, Cyril Tommasone

WOMEN – Aliya Mustafina, Quishuang Huang, Lauren Mitchell, Ariella Kaeslin, Jessica Lopez, Alexandra Raisman, Hannah Whelan

There are only eight female gymnasts left from the all-around final in Rotterdam which can be asked to fill Seitz’ spot. Places 17-24 (Whelan placed 16th) went to Rie Tanaka, Daniele Hypolito, Celine Van Gerner, Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Koko Tsurumi, Nicole Hibbert, Aurelie Malaussena and Elisabetta Preziosa.

UPDATE: Now, we finally have the complete roster for the World Cup.

On the men’s side it’s Philipp Boy (GER), Jonathan Horton (USA), Mykola Kuksenkov (UKR), Daniel Purvis (GBR), Sergey Khorokhordin (RUS), Koji Uematsu (JPN), Samuel Hunter (GBR) and Cyril Tommasone (FRA).

On the women’s side Aliya Mustafina (RUS), Huang Qiushuang (CHN), Lauren Mitchell (AUS), Ariella Kaeslin (SUI), Jessica Lopez (VEN), Alexandra Raisman (USA), Nicole Hibbert (GBR) and Hannah Whelan (GBR). Apparently, Tanaka, Hypolito, van Gerner, Pihan-Kulesza and Tsurumi weren’t ready yet.

Check out the FIG website for a preview of the meet!

The Gymnastics McLaughlin Group #7

February 22, 2011

This week it’s all about the balance beam, Katelyn Ohashi’s 6.9 D-Score, her piked full-in dismount and the question: How do you feel about modifying the balance beam (making the end wider)?

Apparently not everyone liked the idea. Here’s what I had to say.

First, it looks really strange and somehow malformed. Second, gymnasts could do harder tricks and that’s why they would have to do harder tricks — double backs would certainly be downgraded. Third, it would have to be forbidden to step or land on this part of the beam during a routine (except for the dismount). Fourth, maybe we would see triple backs or quadruple twists in competition. Fifth, vault, floor and the uneven bars all changed a lot in the past, only the good old beam is still the same — so, yeah, let’s give it a try, maybe starting the experiment after the 2012 Olympics?!

But there’s one thing I would like to add: The argument, it would be safer for gymnasts to have a wider end of the beam, is not very convincing. In the last years, I can think of only one gymnast who fell on the dismount because she didn’t get the feet on the beam – Anja Brinker (ECh 2007, AA). By the way, it would be also interesting to check, if gymnasts fall more often on the UB dismount, FX dismount or BB dismount. So, if the beam would be modified, it would be only because we want to see more difficult dismounts. Rethinking the whole thing, I’m not sure if that’s what I really want…

Read the whole discussion at Gymnastics Examiner!

US girls come to Germany!(?)

February 22, 2011

When I reported about the German plans for this year, I wrote about a friendly meet between Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland on March 19th, which will serve as Germany’s second trials for the European Championships in April. Apparently, the USA will join them in Chemnitz (GER) – I’m wondering why they don’t come one week earlier and participate in the Challenger World Cup in Cottbus?! And according to the calendar of the German Gymnastics Federation, Great Britain will compete instead of the Netherlands.

So there’ll be: GBR – GER – SUI – USA

UPDATE: Veronica left a comment linking to a friendly meet between ITA-JPN-RUS-USA in Italy at the very same day. So I guess, the US team will definitely come to Europe. Not to Germany but to Italy. The calendar doesn’t seem to be up to date… we’ll see.

UPDATE: Now it’s official, the following countries will compete in Chemnitz: GBR – GER – SUI – ESP – NED

Tokyo 2011 Movie

February 22, 2011

The first trailer/movie/video for the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo was already released last year. Now you can watch a second, new movie on the official website which features the always elegant Rie Tanaka and Kohei Uchimura in slow-motion and the top competitors in the world – motto: Just be cool!

Watch both on 2011tokyo!

The music ‘Just be cool!’ for the trailer comes from The Bawdies. Click play or watch the Japanese rock band on YouTube:

Gerner defeats Tolle and Hindermann

February 22, 2011

The Dutch organized the 15th ‘Sidijk Gymnastics Tournament’ in Heerenveen last weekend (19th-20th February). Celine van Gerner (53.000) won over Pia Tolle (52.050) and Giulia and Marie-Sophie Hindermann (both 51.750). Marta Pihan-Kulesza from Poland placed fifth, Kim Bui competed only bars (13.500) and beam (12.650). On the men’s side, Helge Vammen beat Thomas Neuteelers and Norwegian Espen Jansen.

Tolle, Gerner, Hindermann

Epke Zonderland competed only on PB and HB

results – women & men

photos –

FIG Challenger World Cup 2011 / Cottbus

February 21, 2011

This years first Challenger World Cup will take place in Cottbus on 11th-13th March with qualifications on Friday and event finals on all ten apparatus on Saturday and Sunday. Two gymnasts per country may try to qualify on each apparatus for the finals, in which only four gymnasts eight gymnasts fight for the three medals and 2500 CHF prize money (1st – 750, 2nd – 600, 3rd – 400…). (UPDATE: According to gymmedia, the host organization changed the number of gymnasts that can qualify for the finals because 220 gymnasts will compete.)

These gymnasts will compete at the “Turnier der Meister” (AA means, they’ll compete all four apparatus, but there’s no all-around competition). See the complete roster (all men & women) on the official website. I love to see all the different countries – South Africa, Qatar, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Poland, Spain… even China sent little Tan Sixin! There are only a few countries missing, for example Italy or… the USA.


Ashleigh Brennan (AUS) – UB, BB, FX

Larissa Miller (AUS) – UB, BB, FX

Elisa Haemmerle (AUT) – AA

Katharina Fa (AUT) – AA

Aagje Vanwalleghem (BEL) – UB, BB

Gaelle Mys (BEL) – UB, BB, FX

Lin Versonnen (BEL) – VT, FX

Alina Sotnikava (BLR) – AA

Nastassia Marachkouskaya (BLR) – AA

Anysia Unick (CAN)

Celia Makarena Riquelme Leon (CHI) – FX

Makarena Pinto Adasme (CHI) – AA

Melany Cabrera Figueroa (CHI) – UB

Sixin Tan (CHN) – AA


WOGA Winners

February 20, 2011

Junior Katelyn Ohashi and senior Marine Brevet won the WOGA Classic competition in 2011. Go to Gymnastike to see a lot of routines including Ohashi’s 15.900 beam routine (standing arabian, layout full, piked full-in dismount)!



all results on

Former winners of the international elite competition: (senior & junior)

2010 – Sophia Lee & Grace McLaughlin

2009 – Christa Tanella & Laura Svilpaite

2008 – Christa Tanella & Rebecca Bross (ahead of N. Mustafina and Komova)

2007 – Katelyn Mohr & Ksenia Semenova

2006 – Jenna Kerbis & Karina Myasnikova

2005 – Nastia Liukin & Dariya Zgoba

2004 – Hollie Vise & Nastia Liukin

2003 – Carly Patterson & Nastia Liukin

2002 – Oksana Chusovitina & Carly Patterson