ECh 2011 Berlin – News


The European Championships 2011 will not only take place in the absolute best city – Berlin – but also feature some nice, new things, for example a medal plaza, media access to the gymnasts’ training and a pretty cool slogan: « 200 years of German gymnastics 1811-2011 ». Yes, Turnvater Jahn (“father of gymnastics”) opened the very first Turnplatz (open-air gymnasium) ever in the ‘Hasenheide’ in Berlin exactly 200 years ago.

Medal Plaza As at the World Championships in Stuttgart in 2007, the German organisers have decided to move the medal ceremonies to the centre of the city, the Sony Center, near the Potsdamer Platz, a famous appointment place of the Berlin population. Entertainment will be offered before and after the official ceremonies.

Novelty for the media For the first time at European Championships, journalists and photographers will have access to a restricted area, the gymnasts’ training. The professionals of the written press will dispose of a hundred working places on the press tribune and of all necessary structures. (read more: UEG)

Yesterday, the technical committees announced the starting order of the athletes.

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