These gymnasts really know how to dance!

No, no artistic gymnast inspired me to write this heading. But three amazing acrobatic gymnasts (juniors!) from Belgium. Enjoy!

Click play or watch them on YouTube:

4 Responses to “These gymnasts really know how to dance!”

  1. Acrobatic gymnasts can dance — Gymnastics Says:

    […] linked to this video pointing out that these kids dance better than Artistic gymnasts. Maes, Ineke and […]

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday, GymNiceTic! + Best of « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] These gymnasts know how to dance! – A fantastic acro routine. […]

  3. Remember the gymnasts who know how to dance?! « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] posted Ineke’s, Laure’s and Julie’s balance routine at the Zeestern Trials 2011. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should! Now, you also have to possibility to enjoy another one – the dynamic […]

  4. Another Fun Acro Routine « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] another great routine of the junior women’s group from Belgium. Ineke, Julie and Laure really know how to dance and entertain the audience. I’m pretty sure we are looking at the future European and World […]

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