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What happened to the Russian GymFed??

February 8, 2011

Does anyone have any idea what this means?

Did they really forget to renew the registration or did they move?

UPDATE: Everything’s fine again! Sorry for the dispensable post.

No Europeans for Matthias Fahrig!

February 8, 2011

Matthias Fahrig, last years champion on floor and second on vault, won’t compete at the 2011 European Championships in Berlin. Professional difficulties and health problems make a start at the Europeans impossible.

He had to give up his employment in a rehabilitation clinic in Halle. To maintain a professional perspective, the 25-year-old has decided to join the sports promotion group of the Bundeswehr. In addition, Fahrig had to undergo several jaw surgeries in advance of the 2010 World Championships. Now he needs more urgent procedures. He’ll focus on the Worlds in Tokyo, where the German team wants to qualify directly for the 2012 Olympic Games.

DTB (German)

German plans for 2011 – Women

February 8, 2011

Ulla Koch, the head coach for the women’s gymnastics team, announced some of the goals for 2011.

The European Championships in Berlin and the World Championships in Tokyo which will also serve as the first qualification round for London 2012 are the main gymnastics events this year. Especially the Europeans in the home country will be a highlight for the whole team. Who might be on the EC team this year?

Oksana Chusovitina, of course, Elisabeth Seitz, Marie-Sophie Hindermann and Kim Bui will both come back after injuries, Joeline Möbius, Lisa-Katharina Hill, Pia Tolle and Giulia Hindermann. Anja Brinker won’t have a chance after she tore her achilles tendon. But the new seniors Desiree Baumert, Nadine Jarosch, Katja Roll, Anja Rheinbay and Adina Hausch will also fight for one of the four spots.

Koch is pleased with all the new gymnasts who turn senior this year. She hopes for a better competition between the girls which should build an overall better team with more difficult routines.

The first trials for Euros will be on 26th February (National Team Cup), the second on a friendly meet with GBR-SUI-NED on 19th March. Other important meets are the Challenger Cup in Cottbus in March, the first trials for Worlds and the German Championships + second trials in August, two friendly meets before Worlds in September and the World Cup in Stuttgart in November.

DTB (German)