What happened to the Russian GymFed??

Does anyone have any idea what this means?

Did they really forget to renew the registration or did they move?

UPDATE: Everything’s fine again! Sorry for the dispensable post.

2 Responses to “What happened to the Russian GymFed??”

  1. Full Twist Says:

    Oddly, I got an error message the other day from the Anastasia Grishina website. It said something about it had to be registered under something, like as if it was a law. I see Mustafinas website doesn’t load for me, nor does Nabieva or any other Russian gymnasts website. I had left the tab open to go back to it, it showed up in my RSS reader but I cleared it.

    You could ask Alan who looks after the Russian gymnasts Facebooks also. I’m sure he knows.

  2. RussiaFan Says:

    The federation website works fine for me. The “official” gymnasts’ websites are not run by or associated with the federation.

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