Shawn, Nadia and some Chinese dancers

Here’s a compiled post of three little things I found in the worldwideweb, which have nothing to with each other – except they’re all about gymnastics.

Coach Chow Liang dampens the enthusiasm about Shawn Johnson‘s comeback a little bit in an interview for IG:

“Shawn still has her challenges ahead of her. And I think one of the bigger challenges is … her knee. At this point, we don’t have a clear picture of how much she handle yet. There’s more than double layouts. She can tumble straight. But the tour jete, turning, the little things, are still bugging her. She never had any injuries in gymnastics, which is putting her in a tougher situation right now.”

This doesn’t sound too good. Read the complete article on International Gymnast.

Nadia Comaneci is the Romanian athlete who represents best the country’s image, according to a survey by the Romanian Institute for Assessment and Strategy. 24% of the respondent named her. (Romanian Gymnastics Federation)

And if you haven’t seen the Chinese male gymnasts Yang Wei, Chen Yibing, Zou Kai among others dancing Swan Lake then click play or watch it on YouTube. (via Chinese Gymnastics, which has plenty of other Chinese Spring Festival clips with dancing and singing gymnasts!)

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