Ferrari, Ferlito, Fasana and more

Finally we can watch and talk about the first real women’s gymnastics routines in 2011.

Vanessa Ferrari won the AA at the first competition of the Italian clubs Serie A. Her UB and FX were uploaded on YouTube. On the uneven bars she performed the very same routine as at the 2010 World Championships including an ono + jaeger and a tsuk dismount.

On floor, Ferrari still has the same music and performed a Tsukahara, 1.5 twist bwd. + full twist fwd., double back tucked and double back piked (stuck).

Lovely to watch (especially how she gets on the beam and stands up) is Carlotta Ferlito on BB. Except for two wobbles, she is very secure and shows a wide range of elements: turn with leg high, back handspring step-out + back layout, switch ring leap…

Elisabetta Preziosa decided not to mount with her elegant handstand but only to jump on the beam. Her BB routine including a back handspring step-out + layout step-out and a stuck double back dismount is still worth to watch.

Erika Ferlito shows a high and clean Yurchenko 1.5 on VT with a little hop on the landing.

An element which I absolutely love and which is not performed very often is the comaneci salto. Giulia Leni does it in her UB routine.

Click on the links to watch the routines on YouTube! And read more about the meet and see complete results at The Couch Gymnast!

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