German Women’s Team for Europeans

Okay, it’s a bit early – the European Championships 2011 in Berlin will only begin in seven weeks – and it’s not definitive either. But in an article on the official ECh website, Elisabeth Seitz (17), Oksana Chusovitina (35), Kim Bui (22) and Marie-Sophie Hindermann (19) are named as the favourite gymnasts of German head coach Ulla Koch to represent Germany at the Championships. If Bui and Hindermann – who were both injured in 2010 – can prove themselves and anything unexcepted happens, they will join Seitz and Chusovitina, who seem to be almost definitely on the team.

Other candidates for the Europeans are Giulia Hindermann, Pia Tolle, Adina Hausch, Katja Roll, Desiree Baumert, Lisa-Katharina Hill, Joeline Möbius, Anja Rheinbay and Nadine Jarosch. Anja Brinker recently tore her achilles tendon, she’ll be in the stands.

Kim Bui at her first competition after the injury in 2010.

Hindermann also at the 2010 Bundesliga final.

photos by Bernhard Schwall

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    […] and read her critique at Ferrari, Ferlito, Fasna and More. Her examination of who should make the German Euros team is also a good read, with gymnasts like Bui and Hindermann around to compete with the younger likes […]

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