German Plans for 2011 – Men

This time head coach Andreas Hirsch reflects about the goals for the German Men’s team in 2011.

One main goal is the qualification for the Olympics 2012 at this years World Championships in Tokyo. The German Men’s team wants to place in the top eight and qualify directly to the Olympic Games in London.

The competition season starts in Jacksonville at the first all-around FIG World Cup, where Philipp Boy will represent Germany. Shortly before (February 26th), the German gymnasts will have their first trials for the European Championships in Berlin at the National Team Cup. Next is the Challenger World Cup in Cottbus, another important meet before the Europeans. After the World Championships, Philipp Boy will compete again at the the World Cup in Stuttgart.

As a weak point in the CoP, Hirsch mentions the score difference between vault and the other five apparatus. First, viewers can’t compare the performances until every team has done vault. Second, countries with good gymnasts on vault have an advantage.

DTB (German)

German Plans for 2011 – Women

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