The Eighth Place in Tokyo

The German newspaper ‘Stuttgarter Zeitung‘ published a very well researched article about Kim Bui, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, the gymnasts from Stuttgart in general (Kim Bui, Marie-Sophie and Giulia Hindermann, Pia Tolle, Adina Hausch), the German gymnastics team and the qualifications for the 2012 Olympic Games. The author, Gerhard Pfisterer, predicted the first seven qualification spots will go almost certainly to China, the USA, Russia, Romania, Australia, Great Britain and Japan. And Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland and the Ukraine will fight for the eighth spot, with which they can qualify directly to the Olympics. Germany’s main goal is to get this last spot, of course. In a recent post, the 13 gymnasts who might represent Germany at Europeans and Worlds were named.

Do you agree or is there a country missing?

via DTL

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