WOGA Winners

Junior Katelyn Ohashi and senior Marine Brevet won the WOGA Classic competition in 2011. Go to Gymnastike to see a lot of routines including Ohashi’s 15.900 beam routine (standing arabian, layout full, piked full-in dismount)!



all results on woga.net

Former winners of the international elite competition: (senior & junior)

2010 – Sophia Lee & Grace McLaughlin

2009 – Christa Tanella & Laura Svilpaite

2008 – Christa Tanella & Rebecca Bross (ahead of N. Mustafina and Komova)

2007 – Katelyn Mohr & Ksenia Semenova

2006 – Jenna Kerbis & Karina Myasnikova

2005 – Nastia Liukin & Dariya Zgoba

2004 – Hollie Vise & Nastia Liukin

2003 – Carly Patterson & Nastia Liukin

2002 – Oksana Chusovitina & Carly Patterson

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