Seitz won’t compete in Jacksonville

In less than two weeks, the first FIG World Cup 2011 will take place in the USA – but without German gymnast Elisabeth Seitz. She won’t compete because her landings aren’t as stable and safe as necessary after she had to undergo surgery in November last year. Nevertheless, one week later, she’ll be at the Challenger World Cup in Cottbus competing only on the uneven bars.

After several gymnasts already rejected the invitation, the field looks as following:

MEN – Philipp Boy, Jonathan Horton, Mykola Kuksenkov, Daniel Purvis, Koji Uematsu, Samuel Hunter, Kim Soo Myun, Cyril Tommasone

WOMEN – Aliya Mustafina, Quishuang Huang, Lauren Mitchell, Ariella Kaeslin, Jessica Lopez, Alexandra Raisman, Hannah Whelan

There are only eight female gymnasts left from the all-around final in Rotterdam which can be asked to fill Seitz’ spot. Places 17-24 (Whelan placed 16th) went to Rie Tanaka, Daniele Hypolito, Celine Van Gerner, Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Koko Tsurumi, Nicole Hibbert, Aurelie Malaussena and Elisabetta Preziosa.

UPDATE: Now, we finally have the complete roster for the World Cup.

On the men’s side it’s Philipp Boy (GER), Jonathan Horton (USA), Mykola Kuksenkov (UKR), Daniel Purvis (GBR), Sergey Khorokhordin (RUS), Koji Uematsu (JPN), Samuel Hunter (GBR) and Cyril Tommasone (FRA).

On the women’s side Aliya Mustafina (RUS), Huang Qiushuang (CHN), Lauren Mitchell (AUS), Ariella Kaeslin (SUI), Jessica Lopez (VEN), Alexandra Raisman (USA), Nicole Hibbert (GBR) and Hannah Whelan (GBR). Apparently, Tanaka, Hypolito, van Gerner, Pihan-Kulesza and Tsurumi weren’t ready yet.

Check out the FIG website for a preview of the meet!

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