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Make it or Break it returns!

March 26, 2011

Let’s be honest, somewhere deep inside we all missed Lauren’s bitchiness, Emily’s talent to stumble into every possible trouble, Kaylie’s boyfriend-drama, Payson’s attempts to kiss coach Belov… and, well, the few scenes which actually show us some gymnastics. On Monday, March 28th, Make it or Break it returns and all the drama continues… coach Sasha Belov  has to be replaced, the girls prepare for Worlds…

Watch three sneak peek videos on!

gymnasts turn into vampires (what a surprise!) and threaten the girls

what's with all the fog outside the gym??

the girls at what they do best: No, not gymnastics, but chatting!

daughter and mother - arguing about everything

another daughter and another mother - still arguing

still patiently listening to Lauren's cant

the girls - "stretching"

another gymnastics-appropriate hairstyle by Lauren

and Kaylie who still wears le dernier cri

I bet, as soon as it returns and I watch the first episode, I won’t remember why I actually missed it ;-)!

European Championships 2011 – participants

March 25, 2011

Read a preview and download the complete list of participants (men & women on the right) for the European Championships 2011 on ueg-gymnastics.

AUT – Elisa Hämmerle, Barbara Gasser

BEL – Aagje Vanwalleghem, Julie Croket, Lisa Verschueren, Antja Vandevelde

BLR – Alina Sotnikava, Volha Makhautsova

BUL – Ralitsa Mileva

CRO – Tijana Tkalcec, Tina Erceg

CZE – Kristyna Palesova, Jana Sikulova

DEN – Mette Hulgaard, Michelle Lauritsen, Mia Furu

ESP – Claudia Menendez, Beatriz Cuesta, Claudia Vila, Ainoa Carmona

FIN – Annika Urvikko, Rosanna Ojala, Ida Laisi

FRA – Mira Boumejmajen, Marine Brevet, Clara Della Vedova, Marine Petit

GBR – Danusia Francis, Jennifer Pinches, Hannah Whelan, Elizabeth Tweddle

GEO – Ketevan Bolkvadze

GER – Kim Bui, Oksana Chusovitina, Nadine Jarosch, Elisabeth Seitz

GRE – Vasiliki Millousi, Stefani Bismpikou, Paschalina Mitrakou, Elisavet Tsakou

HUN – Renata Toth, Austin Sheppard, Dorina Boczogo

IRL – Charlotte McKenna

ISL – Johanna Jonasdottir, Embla Johannesdottir, Dominiqua Belanyi, Thelma Hermannsdottir

ISR – Valeriia Maksiuta, Roni Rabinovitz, Yuval Samouha, Sapir Hana Cohen

ITA – Vanessa Ferrari, Carlotta Ferlito, Elisabetta Preziosa, Chiara Gandolfi

LTU – Greta Nevedomskaite, Mante Jasilionyte

LUX – Mara Kimmel, Aline Bernar

NED – Yvette Moshage, Naoul Ouazzani Chahdi, Celine Van Gerner, Joy Goedkoop

NOR – Haldis Naerum, Karoline Sondov

POL – Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Gabriela Janik, Katarzyna Jurkowska

POR – Alexandra Choon, Ekaterina Kisklinskaya

ROU – Ana Porgras, Sandra Izbasa, Diana Chelaru, Amelia Racea

RUS – Aliya Mustafina, Tatiana Nabieva, Anna Dementyeva, Yulia Belokobylskaya

SLO – Ivana Kamnikar, Fiona Novak, Teja Belak, Adela Sajn

SUI – Ariella Kaeslin, Giulia Steingruber, Jessica Diacci, Linda Stämpfli

SWE – Jonna Adlerteg, Veronica Wagner

TUR – Özlem Özkan, Demet Mutlu

UKR – Nataliya Kononenko, Yana Demyanchuk, Mariya Livchikova, Alina Fomenko

Belgium teams for Europeans

March 24, 2011

Julie Croket / via gymnasticsunited

And here another announcement of the teams for the European Championships in Berlin. All I seem to write about these days are teams for the Europeans… things will change, I promise.

Belgium sends Aagje Vanwalleghem (AA), Julie Croket (AA), Antje van de Velde (VT, UB), Lisa Verschueren (BB, FX) on the women’s side and Koen Van Damme (SR), Donna-Donny Truyens (PH), Jonas Toeback (FX, SR, VT), Volkaert Siemon (FX, PH, VT), Thomas Neuteleers and Jimmy Verbaeys, both AA.

German teams for Europeans

March 23, 2011

Philipp Boy

Yesterday, the organization committee of the European Championships in Berlin announced the German teams and some other names of competitors. I was hoping they would publish the complete list of athletes until today, but apparently they didn’t.

Oksana Chusovitina, Elisabeth Seitz, Kim Bui and Nadine Jarosch are on the women’s team for Berlin. Except for Chuso (who likely only does VT and BB, maybe FX?), everyone competes AA.

On the men’s team are Philipp Boy, Robert Weber, Marcel Nguyen, Brian Gladow and Thomas Taranu. Who fills the last free spot – Sebastian Krimmer or Steve Woitalla – will be decided at a very last trial for the Europeans on the 2nd of April.

Other competitors are Beth Tweddle, Sandra Izbasa, Amelia Racea, Vanessa Ferrari and of course Aliya Mustafina. Matteo Morandi, Tomi Tuuha, Yann Cucherat, Vlasios Maras and Elftherios Kosmidis, Jordan Jovchev, Maxim Devyatovsky and Flavius Kozci are the big names on the men’s side. Some countries already announced their complete teams. / / DTB

Swedish Women for Europeans

March 22, 2011

Veronica Wagner

Veronica Wagner and YOG participant (10th) Jonna Adlerteg will represent their homecountry Sweden at the European Championships in Berlin. Both earned more than 51 points at a recent competition which qualified them for the Europeans (Wagner 54.6, Adlerteg 52.3).

See who else will come to Berlin: Russian Team / Dutch Team / French Team / Suisse Team

Boy, Nguyen and Fahrig

March 22, 2011

Another video about the German guys preparing for the upcoming European Championships. Not Hambüchen but Philipp Boy, Marcel Nguyen and Matthias Fahrig will be the big names at these Championships. Make sure to watch it to the very last wink!

Click here to watch more videos / trailers for the Europeans.

2015 World Gymnastics Championships in Paris!?

March 21, 2011

The French Gymnastics Federation runs for the World Gymnastics Championships 2015 and published a very french trailer on their website featuring Thomas Bouhail and Marine Debauve doing somersaults in Paris. This will be a big rival for Glasgow which also bid for Worlds 2015. These World Championships are very attractive as they are the qualifying event for the next Olympic Games in 2016. The winning country will be announced on 18- 20 May 2011. Which is your favorite?

Remember the gymnasts who know how to dance?!

March 21, 2011

Ineke, Laure and Julie

Ineke Van Schoor, Laure Maes and Julie Van Gelder – the Belgium junior women’s group in acrobatic gymnastics who impressed the audience with their fantastic ability to dance and perform.

Julie Van Gelder who turns 18 this year isn’t a real junior in the sport – she already won gold at Europeans and silver at World Games (the Olympics for non-Olympic sports) with her partner Menno Vanderghote as a senior mixed pair. Apparently she didn’t leave the sport after Vanderghote retired in 2010 and joined the promising junior women’s group. Someone who’s capable of pulling off routines like this one at the age of 14 or routines like this would be a big loss for the sport. (Unfortunately, the Belgium acrobatic gymnastics team lost not only Vanderghote, but also the senior women’s group (Eloise Vanstaen, Maaike Croket, Corinne Van Hombeeck) and the women’s pair (Florence Henriste, Tatjana De Vos) due to different reasons in 2010.)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted Ineke’s, Laure’s and Julie’s balance routine at the Zeestern Trials 2011. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should! Now, you also have to possibility the enjoy another one – the dynamic routine.

Click play or watch their routine on YouTube:

read more about the trio on an interview on

Paris World Cup 2011 – Event Finals Results

March 20, 2011



1. Aliya Mustafina – 14.933
2. Tatiana Nabieva – 14.399
3. Diana Maria Chelaru – 14.016
4. Jennifer Khwela – 13.783

Uneven Bars

1. Aliya Mustafina – 15.733
2. Qiushuang Huang – 15.400
3. Elisabeth Seitz – 15.000
4. Tatiana Nabieva – 14.566

Balance Beam

1. Aliya Mustafina – 14.866
2 Ana Porgras – 13.800
3. Anna Dementyeva – 13.733
4. Lauren Mitchell – 12.533

Floor Exercise

1. Sandra Raluca Izbasa – 14.833
2. Diana Maria Chelaru – 14.633
3. Anna Dementyeva – 14.433
4. Vanessa Ferrari – 12.700


Floor Exercise

1. Enrique Thomas Gonzalez Sepulveda – 15.466
2. Flavius Koczi – 15.266
3. Thomas Bouhail – 15.233
4. Gaël Da Silva – 14.800

Pommel Horse

1. Louis Smith – 15.700
2. Saso Bertoncelj – 15.500
3. Cyril Tommasone – 15.333
4. Prashanth Sellathurai – 13.800

Still Rings

1. Yibing Chen – 15.933
2. Aleksandr Balandin – 15.766
3. Matteo Morandi – 15.600
3. Konstantin Pluzhnikov – 15.600
5. Koji Yamamuro – 15.300


1. Enrique Thomas Gonzalez Sepulveda – 16.099
2. Flavius Koczi – 15.800
3. Dzmitry Kaspiarovich – 15.750
4. Luis Rivera – 15.649
5. Theo Saeger – 15.533

Parallel Bars

1. Mitja Petkovsek – 15.800
2. Zhe Feng – 15.633
3. Epke Zonderland – 15.166
4. Roman Kulesza – 14.933

High Bar

1. Epke Zonderland – 15.966
2. Danell Leyva – 15.566
3. Marijo Moznik – 15.300
4. Jeffrey Wammes – 14.333

detailed EF resultsqualification results / official website

Trofeo Citta de Jesolo 2011 – Results

March 19, 2011

The Russian gymnasts do not look happy...

The senior US team (232.250) not only won over Italy (212.800) and Russia (210.200) but also sweeps the all-around podium (McKayla Maroney (58.850)Jordyn Wieber (57.700), and Alexandra Raisman (57.400)) and places first on every event at the 2011 Trofeo Citta de Jesolo (VT – McKayla Maroney, UB – Bridgette Caquatto, BB – Alexandra Raisman, FX – Gabrielle Douglas).

Carlotta Ferlito as the best non-USA-allarounder placed 5th behind Douglas. Amanda Jetter unfortunately injured her ankle on VT. And who thought, Jordyn Wieber wouldn’ t win this competition!? Apparently, she had problems on FX (12.800). So Maroney who scored 16.000 (!) on VT with a 9.5 D-Score could defeat Wieber.

Interesting to see only five D-Scores higher than 9.0 – all on vault and all for the US team.

complete senior results – teams / all-around

The junior USteam also won not only the team competition with 233.050 points (Russia 2nd – 220.500, Italy 3rd – 214.750), but dominated the all-around (Kyla Ross – 58.750, Madison Kocian – 57.750, Katelyn Ohashi – 57.700, Lexie Priessman & Anastasia Grishina 4th) and the event finals (VT – Lexie Priessman, BB – Kyla Ross, FX – Katelyn Ohashi and UB – Russia’s Anastasia Grishina), too.

complete junior results – teams / all-around

UPDATE: Click over to The Couch Gymnast for videos + commentary of the meet!

via Italian Gymnastics FederationCincinnati Gym Facebook (click over for more photos) / Gymtruthteller