‘Cold Warrior’ – gymnastics film in pre-production

Anna who’s on the production team of a gymnastics film in pre-production called ‘Cold Warrior‘ left a very kind comment about the project. The story sounds really unbelievable.

‘Cold Warrior’ is a thriller set in Romania in the run up to the 1980 Moscow Olympics. It’s about the abortion doping allegations that tarnished the gymnastics world at the time. It has been said that gymnasts, some as young as fourteen, were impregnated by force by their coaches and then made to undergo an abortion just before important competitions. The surplus of red blood cells produced during the early stages of pregnancy gave the gymnasts a natural and undetected boost to their physical performance. ‘Cold Warrior’ tells the story of Ana, a young gymnast struggling with the limitations of her talent against the mighty powers of a Communist state that’s pushing her to succeed on a global sporting stage. Screen South have awarded Emily [Greenwood – the director] a small amount of funding towards making the film as part of the development of the feature ‘Cold Warrior’. Wellington Films are producing and raising additional funding through the Cold Warrior IndieGoGo page.

Here’s Emily Greenwood talking about the project. Click play or watch her on YouTube:

What do you think about the project?

more informations on IndieGoGo

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