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The Gymnastics McLaughlin Group #9

March 4, 2011


Once again just in time for the American Cup: Who’s going to win the American Cup? (women)

I’m going with Mustafina.

You could have asked instead, who will win the women’s title: Aliya Mustafina or Jordyn Wieber. And I’m going with Mustafina. We’ve seen it at Worlds 2010 — if she wants to win, she will win. And I’m pretty sure 15.000 CHF + beating the Americans in their own country is a damn good prize.

Anyone else than Mustafina or Wieber would be a big, nice surprise.

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Journey of Champions – Daniel Keatings

March 4, 2011

If Daniel Keatings will be on the next Olympic gymnastics team, he’ll perform in front of the home crowd. Surfing the internet I came along an interesting website.

‘Journey of Champions’ is a photographic project documenting British athletes who are training and competing to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. International photographer, Olivier Hess, has been photographing 2012 hopefuls, from Beijing medallists to emerging talent across Olympic and Paralympic disciplines for the last 6 months. They all have one common goal; qualification for their home Games in London.

The photographers explicitly don’t want anyone to copy the pictures, so it’s your turn to check out the website and see the black-and-white pictures (not many – five altogether).

Daniel Keatings at journeyofchampions