Cottbus World Cup 2011 – Routines

Five routines worth to watch from the Cottbus World Cup last weekend: Oksana Chusovitina on vault, Elisabeth Seitz on bars, Natsumi Sasada on beam, Sophia Serseri and Celine van Gerner on floor. They all have something special.

Oksana Chusovitina who turns 36 this year won the vault final again. She participated in the Tournament of Masters 14 times and won 12 times! From now on she plans to train on beam and floor again in order to support the German team.

Click play or watch her first VT (handspring on front full off) on YouTube:

Click play or watch her second VT (Tsukahara 1.5) on YouTube:

Elisabeth Seitz placed 2nd on bars. I just don’t get tired to watch the Def – it’s an amazing element.

Click play or watch her UB on YouTube:

Natsumi Sasada’s mount on the balance beam is another element I can watch over and over again. She placed fourth in a very strong field.

Click play or watch her BB on YouTube:

Sophia Serseri‘s dance, choreography and her smile didn’t win her a medal on floor, but are nevertheless worth to watch. She won’t be at Europeans next month.

Click play or watch her FX on YouTube:

Another routine I really liked to watch is Celine van Gerner‘s who placed fourth. She chose the perfect music and really performs her routine, in contrast to the winner Yao Jinnan, for example. Rick is absolutely right – the Chinese gymnasts need more personality.

Click play or watch Gerner’s FX on YouTube:

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