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Berliner await Europeans

March 15, 2011

Another trailer for the European Championships was published yesterday featuring recreational gymnasts from Berlin through the ages. The Championships will begin in 20 days on 4th of April. As at the 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart there will be a ‘medal plaza‘ where the gymnasts receive their medals in the evening. Public viewing, concerts and shows will also be offered at the medal plaza at the Potsdamer Platz (Sony Center) from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th.

Current title holders are Ksenia Semenova and Fabian Hambüchen (AA / 2009), Ekaterina Kurbatova (VT), Beth Tweddle (UB, FX), Amelia Racea (BB), Matthias Fahrig (FX), Daniel Keatings (PH), Matteo Morandi (SR), Tomi Tuuha (VT), Yann Cucherat (PB) and Vlasios Maras (HB).

official website – English / German

Happy 2nd Birthday, GymNiceTic! + Best of

March 15, 2011

2 years – 460 (including this one 461) posts – 457 comments

Last year, I posted the three and my three top posts. This time I’ll go a little further and share … the five and my five top posts of all time with you! 🙂

Of course, I also want to thank all the readers who leave comments or, well, just read all the stuff about gymnastics. Thanks to all the other bloggers out there who share their thoughts, who link to my blog and to whose’s blogs I can link!

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My exciting way to celebrate is to change the color of the header. The first year it was purple, the second year it has been blue and now it will be red/orange.