Chinese judge falsified score

The FIG reports a Chinese Judge illicitly raised the E-score of Chinese gymnast Zhang Chenglong at the Asian Games last year.

The incident took place at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou (CHN) in November of 2010, during the Men’s Artistic Floor Final. A Chinese judge on the Difficulty panel, Mr Shao Bin, modified an Execution score prior to its release without informing either the head Execution judge or the Superior Jury; Mr Bin committed this act upon his own initiative and with complete disregard for the rules in force. His action led to Chinese gymnast Zhang Chenglong‘s ascent from second to first place, tied with Kim Soo Myun of Korea but with a score providing a favourable position for the tie break.

The FIG deems Mr Bin’s attitude wholly unacceptable and has decided to take severe action, transferring this case to its Disciplinary Commission.

Click play or watch Zhang Chenglong‘s FX (15.400/6.4) on YouTube:

Click play or watch Kim Soo Myun‘s FX (15.400/ 6.6) on YouTube:

This coming from a country which is known for cheating makes the whole thing even worse. Though it might have been a very bad decision of a single judge, we can’t be sure… and it definitely doesn’t rebuild China’s trustworthiness.

UPDATE: Read the latest news: Chinese Judging Affair – Bin and Stoica speak out.

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