Chinese Judging Affair – Bin and Stoica speak out

An excellent article on IG informs us about the newest statements concerning the Chinese judge who falsified an E-score at the FX EF at the Asian Games last year.

Both, the Chinese judge (D-score) Shao Bin and the Romanian FIG Men’s Technical Committee President Adrian Stoica, explained their behavior.

Shao Bin changed the score because of unfair judging. In his opinion and in the opinion of Korean D-score judge Nam Seung Ku, China’s Zhang Chenglong performed better than Korea’s Kim Soo Myun. He blames Stoica and the FIG technical committee for accepting and approving the changed score in the first place and can’t understand why they accuse him a couple of months later of changing the score illicitly. Watch both FX routines here. Did Chenglong really perform better?

“Also, as a Chinese judge, how can I be callous when the issue affected a Chinese athlete?” Shao said. “I changed the score not for a gold medal, which does not mean too much as we’ve already got so many golds, and we can have many ones other than this, but I have to protect the gymnasts’ performance and protect their interests. Do you know why every federation sends judges to the meet? It is because every judge represents not only the Asian Gymnastics Union but also the gymnasts. Preventing them from being robbed is also our duty.”

Adrian Stoica defends his decision to accept the score in the first place. Apparently he didn’t have a choice. Because of a lack of judges and especially a lack of balance in the judges group (China had more judges than every other country) and the judging system the problem on FX occured.

In my position as President of the Superior Jury I immediately acted, together with Huang Liping by trying to revert to the original judge’s scores, but unfortunately the scoring system used did not recorded the original scores, but only the final scores published on screens. Not having the trace of scores, we were obliged to accept the final published score, but even in this case – it is true without clear evidences, I consider such an attitude unacceptable for an FIG International brevetted judge.

Stoica’s statement is from January 2011, so he doesn’t answer directly to Bin’s opinion about the unfair judging. Read everything about the judging affair on International Gymnast.

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