Trofeo Citta de Jesolo 2011 – Results

The Russian gymnasts do not look happy...

The senior US team (232.250) not only won over Italy (212.800) and Russia (210.200) but also sweeps the all-around podium (McKayla Maroney (58.850)Jordyn Wieber (57.700), and Alexandra Raisman (57.400)) and places first on every event at the 2011 Trofeo Citta de Jesolo (VT – McKayla Maroney, UB – Bridgette Caquatto, BB – Alexandra Raisman, FX – Gabrielle Douglas).

Carlotta Ferlito as the best non-USA-allarounder placed 5th behind Douglas. Amanda Jetter unfortunately injured her ankle on VT. And who thought, Jordyn Wieber wouldn’ t win this competition!? Apparently, she had problems on FX (12.800). So Maroney who scored 16.000 (!) on VT with a 9.5 D-Score could defeat Wieber.

Interesting to see only five D-Scores higher than 9.0 – all on vault and all for the US team.

complete senior results – teams / all-around

The junior USteam also won not only the team competition with 233.050 points (Russia 2nd – 220.500, Italy 3rd – 214.750), but dominated the all-around (Kyla Ross – 58.750, Madison Kocian – 57.750, Katelyn Ohashi – 57.700, Lexie Priessman & Anastasia Grishina 4th) and the event finals (VT – Lexie Priessman, BB – Kyla Ross, FX – Katelyn Ohashi and UB – Russia’s Anastasia Grishina), too.

complete junior results – teams / all-around

UPDATE: Click over to The Couch Gymnast for videos + commentary of the meet!

via Italian Gymnastics FederationCincinnati Gym Facebook (click over for more photos) / Gymtruthteller

5 Responses to “Trofeo Citta de Jesolo 2011 – Results”

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  3. Marieke Says:

    any idea on how bad she injured herself? (Amanda Jetter). I saw the video of it…

  4. Marieke Says:

    I hope that is all… it looked like it could have been her achilles!

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