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Make it or Break it returns!

March 26, 2011

Let’s be honest, somewhere deep inside we all missed Lauren’s bitchiness, Emily’s talent to stumble into every possible trouble, Kaylie’s boyfriend-drama, Payson’s attempts to kiss coach Belov… and, well, the few scenes which actually show us some gymnastics. On Monday, March 28th, Make it or Break it returns and all the drama continues… coach Sasha Belov  has to be replaced, the girls prepare for Worlds…

Watch three sneak peek videos on!

gymnasts turn into vampires (what a surprise!) and threaten the girls

what's with all the fog outside the gym??

the girls at what they do best: No, not gymnastics, but chatting!

daughter and mother - arguing about everything

another daughter and another mother - still arguing

still patiently listening to Lauren's cant

the girls - "stretching"

another gymnastics-appropriate hairstyle by Lauren

and Kaylie who still wears le dernier cri

I bet, as soon as it returns and I watch the first episode, I won’t remember why I actually missed it ;-)!