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First Indoor Freerunning Gym in CA

April 19, 2011

Looks like the biggest playground for adult children: The newly opened Tempest Freerunning Academy.

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Tempest Freerunning Academy is California’s first and only training facility solely dedicated to the growth and spread of freerunning and parkour. Developed by the founders of Team Tempest and X-Games course designer Nate Wessel, our facility offers a real-world environment where you can learn everything from the basics of parkour to the advanced maneuvers and tricks of freerunning. 

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European Championships 2011 – a review

April 15, 2011

Last week at the European Championships in Berlin I had to write all the reports about the qualifications, the event finals and other stuff for the official website. So I had absolutely no time to do something on this blog. But now it’s time to catch up. There were several routines which I would like to share with you because they made me say “Wow!” (loudly).

Elisabetta Preziosa from Italy is not only lovely to watch on beam, but also on floor. Her tumbling isn’t too difficult, but very clean plus she actually dances – watch the routine to the very end, the last 10 seconds are the best!

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Sandra Izbasa winning vault and floor was one of the biggest surprise for me. I didn’t expect her to be so good, but she totally deserved the gold medals. You should watch her vaults once again – her form, her landings are exceptionally good.

Click play or watch her first VT on YouTube:

Click play or watch her second VT on YouTube:

The vault final podium was definitely a big win for the whole sport of gymnastics. All the winners – Izbasa, Chusovitina and Kaeslin – had an average age of 26! Chapeau!

Sandra Izbasa wrote in her short biography that she likes ‘shopping’ and ‘make-up’ as her hobbies. Especially the last hobby is a good choice for someone who wins medals. When she listened to the national anthem on the podium the tv cameras made some close-up views of her face and the eye make-up was remarkable pretty. Plus she get’s an extra bonus for wearing the most beautiful leotard in the event final on floor!

The German Elisabeth Seitz also had a phenomenal competition. Vice European Champion! Her floor exercise in the all-around was a fantastic exclamation point for an overall great meet. And while I don’t listen privately to the music she uses, I think it’s one of the best music choices for her floor exercise.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

The Belgians are known for their great choreographies on floor. They also produced some world class routines and choreographies in acrobatic gymnastics. Watch Julie Croket‘s floor routine on YouTube. And Aagje Vanwalleghem‘s. (Embedding isn’t possible.)

Dorina Boczogo from Hungary is known for her mount on beam. The other elements of her routine are also solid and well performed, but the absolute highlight is the first one. Watch her beam routine on YouTube. She also has some original moves in her powerful floor exercise.

Europeans – Zonderland on PB

April 10, 2011

One of my favourite routines from the European Championships. Epke Zonderland placed second in qualification with this routine.

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Do you know the name of the skill?

Europeans 2011 photos – podium training men

April 7, 2011

Click on the photos to see them large! The quality isn’t very good, it’s just to get an impression what’s going on here.

Watch a nice summary of the women’s qualification on turn-em2011!

Europeans 2011 photos – podium training women

April 4, 2011

Click on the photos to see them large!

European Championships 2011 – Impressions

April 4, 2011

Thursday night, I arrived at the airport in Berlin. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we already worked a lot for the upcoming European Championships 2011 in the Max-Schmeling-Halle. All delegations arrived Saturday and Sunday, some of them already started training on Saturday.

This event will be phenomenal – there are no tickets left for the finals, almost everything is sold out!

That's where the magic will happen...

Unfortunately, I won’t have too much time to blog about the competition. But from time to time I’ll give you some impressions and upload some photos.

I had the chance to take a short look at the Russian girls on UB and VT, which look really great – what a surprise! Yesterday when I arrived, the Romanians already had their first training session and sat outside in the sun laughing and joking with Belu. The Swedish delegation somehow managed to empty the box filled with gummy bears twice when they arrived – we had to refill it again and again. And Flavius Koczi’s hobby is fishing (at least that’s what he wrote in the short biography)!