European Championships 2011 – Impressions

Thursday night, I arrived at the airport in Berlin. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we already worked a lot for the upcoming European Championships 2011 in the Max-Schmeling-Halle. All delegations arrived Saturday and Sunday, some of them already started training on Saturday.

This event will be phenomenal – there are no tickets left for the finals, almost everything is sold out!

That's where the magic will happen...

Unfortunately, I won’t have too much time to blog about the competition. But from time to time I’ll give you some impressions and upload some photos.

I had the chance to take a short look at the Russian girls on UB and VT, which look really great – what a surprise! Yesterday when I arrived, the Romanians already had their first training session and sat outside in the sun laughing and joking with Belu. The Swedish delegation somehow managed to empty the box filled with gummy bears twice when they arrived – we had to refill it again and again. And Flavius Koczi’s hobby is fishing (at least that’s what he wrote in the short biography)!

3 Responses to “European Championships 2011 – Impressions”

  1. Shalli Says:

    Where can I get this short biography tha you said about Koczi? Thanks =D

  2. Shalli Says:

    I was wondering where are this biografy!? Thanks

    • gymnicetic Says:

      Sorry for the late answer! The short biographies won’t be published. But the hobbies are the only interesting thing in there – if you want to know something about another gymnast, leave a comment and I’ll try to take a look.

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