Gymnastics for now and then

Yes, it’s been a while. Meanwhile they changed the layout of the wordpress Dashboard, so everything looks a bit strange, but it feels good to focus solely on gymnastics for some minutes/hours.

Though I didn’t blog a lot in the past weeks, I still followed the best sport in the world, mainly on Examiner, GymnasticsCoaching and of course The Couch Gymnast. This website gets better and better. My favourite post of the past weeks on TCG:

Can we find another narrative for gymnastics?

Another highlight is Spanny Tampson writing about Make it or Break it. Somehow I always found time to read these long fantastic reviews. I don’t watch the show, I only read the posts, it’s hilarious! Though I’m not a fan of MIOBI, I hope they make another season just so we can read about it on Spanny’s Big Fake Smile.

And if you haven’t seen the short film about Oksana Chusovitina posted by GymnasticsCoaching, you should. I actually learned a few new things: After the 1992 Olympics and after winning the gold medal, Chuso first wanted to quit the sport and went only three times per week in the gym, but after a while her body told her that she can and wants to continue. Fortunately! Today, she only goes to the gym if she’s in a good mood – if not, she’ll just stay home. And she might even continue until the 2016 Olympics!

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