New leotards, leotards, leotards

The new spring collections of the three big brands Milano, GK Elite and Christian Moreau are online – it’s time for a new “best and worst never worn leotards”! And this time, I also took a look at AlphaFactor‘s website. In fact, I even tried to get my hands on some new Italian leotards, designed by the brand Freddy, but couldn’t find anything in the web. Is it even possible for gymnasts to buy Ferrari’s, Ferlito’s and Fasana’s competition leotards?

Okay, let’s start with Milano.

"Madonna Bodice"

It was only a question of time until they would do something like this. Though it’s named after the Queen of Pop it’s still very simple – without the crucifix it would look like another normal workout leo. If they put some sleeves on it, Tina Erceg could make another statement at Worlds.


This one is for the girls who still cannot really decide whether they want to do rhythmic or artistic gymnastics. So even though they’re performing double backs on floor, it will look as if they’re swaying (?) the ribbon. I actually really like it – not too much colour, not too many rhinestones. I could see Nastia Liukin in this one for her comeback (if there will be a comeback) – it has pink in it but is still age apropriate.

Let’s see what GK Elite designed.

"Luv Pink Tank Leotard"

Gymnasts who aren’t very popular in their gym might like this one. It looks as if someone already spilled out a whole bottle of cherry juice on the leo, so nobody will do it again. Haley Graham in ‘Stick it’ should have worn this leo at her first competition after leaving Worlds.

"Black multi color Leotard"

Is this Miss Kyla Ross? Somehow I’m a fan of black or dark blue leos with a few colors on it – probably because they don’t hurt my eyes as so many of the other bright, shiny, neon colored gk-leotards. It reminds me of the 2010 Supergirlcup-leo.

Now, it’s time for Christian Moreau.


Normally I always find one or two really special leotards in the new collections. But not this time. Why, oh, why do they design sleeveless, high-necked leos? The model above looks like she’s wearing a bib. I hope I won’t see anyone is this leotard.

Last but not least is AlphaFactor. I didn’t know about the brand for some time. When I first opened their website, the overhappily grinning Courtney Kupets scared me a little bit. She holds the scrunchie in her hand as if she wants to tell me that she’ll choke everyone with it who won’t buy a leotard.


Even though this leo does not have as much sheer texture as others, it’s all in the wrong places. But I guess this wouldn’t bother Adela Sajn – quite the contrary.


She might like this one, too. But I could also see Catalina Ponor wearing this one for her highly-expected comeback. In my opinion, it says too much figure skating / evening gown than gymnastics.


This leotard has a really beautiful neckline. Unfortunately, it seems as if the designers didn’t have any time left to design the lower part of it, so they just put a fence of rhinestones on it and called it a day.

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8 Responses to “New leotards, leotards, leotards”

  1. Ilaria Says:

    Hi! About Italian leotards, most of the leotards worn by Ferlito, Preziosa and other italian gymnasts are from “Gym Body”, as far as I know they”re made by the parents of Chiara Simonelli, a girl who does gymnastics at “GAL Lissone” (the same team of Ferlito and Preziosa), they’re really beautiful, you can see them here: (go on Set 2, set3 etc to see more)

    As for Brixia (Ferrari and Fasana’s team), I think they often wear leotards from “Gli Elfi”, which is also one of the team’s sponsors
    here’s the website
    (If you go on “Amici” you can see some pictures of italian gymnasts wearing their leotards)

    • gymnicetic Says:

      Thank you very much!! Do you know why on some of the leotards made by the parents of Chiara Simonelli there’s the brand lable “Freddy”?

      • Ilaria Says:

        I don’t know, which ones have the “Freddy” label?
        Now that I think of it, it could be because “freddy” is one of the Italian team’s official sponsors, so they have to show the label in official competitions, but it’s just an hypothesis

      • gymnicetic Says:

        I saw it on the very colorful one with one green sleeve. That’s why I thought “Freddy” would actually design the leotards. So thank you for the hint, it’s only because they are the sponsors!

  2. Giuly Says:

    Yes Freddy is only the sponsor!!Ferrari’s leos are from “Gli Elfi” ,and Ferlito’s usually from Gymbody,the parents of a little italian gymnast,

  3. Giuly Says:

    Also the italian team’s leos are from gymbody…Click on photogallery and I love body..

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