Rhythmic ECh 2011 – Evgenia Kanaeva leads the qualifications

Unsurprisingly, the Russian team – Evgenia Kanaeva, Daria Dmitrieva and Daria Kondakova – dominated the first part of the team competition as well as the qualification for the two first apparatus finals at the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2011 in Minsk. Evgenia Kanaeva qualified first with both apparatus, the ball and the hoop, scoring both times over 29 points. Kondakova qualified second with the hoop, Dmitrieva second with the ball. Belarus and the Ukrainian team followed on the second and third place in the qualification of the team competition.

Click play or watch Evgenia Kanaevas super difficult, flawless ball routine (29.350) on YouTube:

The host country, Belarus, defeated Russia in the junior group (not team!) division by 0.05 points. Israel placed third followed by Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Italy.

competition results – junior group

qualification results – ball / hoop / teams (after day 1 of 2)

You can find all the important information on the ueg-gymnastics website. Unfortunately, the translation of the official website doesn’t really work for me.

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