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Friendly junior meet – FRA v GBR

June 26, 2011

UPDATE: Gabrielle Jupp (54.850) won over Angel Romaeo (52.600) and Raer Theaker (52.500).

There has been another friendly meet between the juniors of France and Great Britain last Friday (24th June) in Avignon. Somehow it’s very difficult to get any results, but some videos were uploaded.

GBR: Abigail Caig, Gabrielle Jupp, Angel Romaeo, Loriah James, Raer Theaker, Rebecca Tunney

FRA: Toscane Bougeard, Johanna Cano, Manon Cormoreche, Anne Kuhm, Amélie Pauffert, Valentine Sabatou, Doriane Thobie

Click play or watch Gabrielle Jupp‘s floor, including a Tsukahara, double tuck, 1.5+front full, double piked on YouTube:

More videos (mostly of the British girls) can be found here.


Anna Dementyeva – Russian and European Champion

June 26, 2011

This photo was taken at the last Japan Cup in 2010, where Russia defeated Japan, Korea and Vietnam. It somehow tells everything about what happened to the Russian team and especially Dementyeva in 2011…

Olessia Dunaeva: one-arm round-off

June 25, 2011

A video of the US gymnast Olessia Dunaeva posted by The All Around caught my attention today. Olessia Dunaeva who trains at Orlando Metro turns 14 next Wednesday. Her dance on floor is really exceptional! Click through to The All Around to see her complete all-around competition at the Gymnastics Open Championships in Lake Buena Vista on 5th of June (floor starts at 3:00).

Searching on YouTube for other videos I came along her routine from 2010, in which she only used one arm on her round-off+double twist because of a surgery on her right elbow. In her beam routine she doesn’t use her arms either and still finished first, on floor she came second.

Click play or watch her beam and floor (starts at 1:30) on YouTube:

Gymnastics Bits and Pieces

June 25, 2011

Back in 2008 Marie-Sophie Hindermann had a really difficult routine on the uneven bars. She only performed it once without a fall, unfortunately not at the Olympics but at an “unimportant” friendly meet. Last week, a video of her routine at a meet in February 2011 was uploaded. She competed a Jaeger, Hindorff, Pak, Shaposnikova and double tuck dismount (5.2/12.950). As the tallest competing elite gymnast she looks really great on bars. Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Did you know that Philipp Boy is a successful businessman? He runs two restaurants called “Sandwich Manufaktur” (similar to Subway) with his associate partner Danilo Springmann (24) in and near Cottbus; almost 20 employees work for the 23 years old European Champion. (DTL)

Nastia Liukin redesigned her website – in my opinion not for the better. But take a look on your own. She is described as an athlete, a dreamer, a rolemodel, an artist and a champion…

The German Bundesliga (DTL) asked Volker Minkus and Andreas Aguilar (1989 Worldchampion on SR) to produce an image film. I really like it: There are not too many slow motions and chalk involved and it really captures all sides of the sport – even the funny moments. See the result below or on YouTube:

Another show by Cirque the Soleil: IRIS – A journey through the world of cinema. Impressive and a must-see (if I would not have to fly across the world in order to get there). See the trailer here or on YouTube:

And the Cincinnati gymnasts Lexie Priessman, Amanda Jetter, Amelia Hundley, Brianna Brown are getting ready for the Ranch in this Workout Wednesday of Gymnastike. I really like Lexie’s combination of turns and a scale on BB.

Friendly meet U 13 – FRA v GER v GBR v ITA v SUI

June 25, 2011

UPDATE: Italy (157.950) won over Germany (150.650) and Great Britain (149.800) , France (145.050) placed fourth and Switzerland (133.400) fifth. Lara Mori (51.950) won over Alina Ehret (50.800) and Sara Barri (50.550) in the all-around.

results: team / all-around

What comes after the year 2012? Right, 2016! The next Olympics but one are just around the corner. Today, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland all send their young, talented gymnasts, who are too young for London, to a friendly U 13 meet in Tittmoning (GER). Whom of the following gymnasts will actually be in Rio?

FRA: Maiwenn Fourny, Manon Gouel, Claire Martin, Eva Pedeneau, Louise Vanhille

GER: Alina Ehret, Kim Janas, Nadja Schulze, Pauline Tratz and Antonia Alicke (Click here to read more about them in the report about the recent German Junior Championships 2011.)

GBR: Rhyannon Jones, Amy Tinkler, Emely Crowe, Shannon Archer, Imogen Chan

ITA: Sara Barri, Enus Mariani, Giorgia Morera, Lara Mori, Nicole Terlengi

SUI: Michelle Kraus, Fiona Ulrich, Michelle Gugger, Selina Giger, Stefi Siegehthaler

external links: gymmedia / “official website”

The Gymnastics McLaughlin Group 2.0 – #1 and #2

June 24, 2011


Blythe at GymnasticsExaminer started another round of questions answered by bloggers and gymfans around the world.

Click over to read what everyone had to say about: Changing the Code and The great age debate!!

Fabian Hambüchen on the High Bar

June 23, 2011

Remember the post about how busy Fabian Hambüchen is after he tore his achilles in January? Here’s a video in which he not only gives autographs, reads to a bunch of kids, does karate… but also performs layout Tkatchevs on the high bar! And he looks fit!

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

As he likes action movies, he really had fun actually doing karate and could even imagine to continue this sport.

German Junior Championships 2011

June 19, 2011

First of all, I am sorry for writing so unsteady – as soon as I will have a bit more time and more importantly a better connection to the internet, more news on gymnastics will be posted.

Now on the topic: The German Junior Championships 2011 were held last weekend (11/12 June) in Esslingen-Berkheim. Following gymnasts out of overall 78 competitors won in the four age classes (12-15). Click on the pictures to see all four AA winners in HQ.

Age class 12 – Kim Janas (SV Halle) / 48.300

Age class 13 – Alina Ehret (SV Rippenweier) / 49.550

Age class 14 – Sophie Scheder (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf) / 52.400

Age class 15 – Janine Berger (SSV Ulm) / 51.500

complete results: AA / finals

The very talented and young Kim Janas opened her floor routine with a double pike and finished with 2.5 twists. She is very precise and her dance to the music “Fairytale” is lovely to watch.  (Take a look by clicking on the links!) On bars she showed a Jaeger, a double piked dismount and very clean handstands (though she fell on one a half turn). Janas performed a handspring with a tucked somersault with a little step on vault but didn’t have the best day on beam, where she fell twice. Pauline Tratz and Antonia Alicke finished second and third. Janas, Tratz, Alicke and the two best gymnast from age class 13, Ehret and Nadja Schulze will compete for Germany in an upcoming U-13-meet against France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Italy in Tittmoning (GER).

Alina Ehret, who is trained by Elisabeth Seitz’ coach Claudia Schunk, did a layout Yurchenko on vault and performed a Gienger and Jaeger (fall) on bars with a full twisting double back dismount. She had a fall (switch leap half) in her beam routine including a front tuck, walkover+back handspring+layout step-out, aerial and a double twisting dismount. On floor, Ehret showed a tsuk, 2.5 twists and finished with a double back.

I haven’t seen any inside stalders from German gymnasts in a while, but now, Sophie Scheder has a few of them in her new routine on bars which also includes a piked Jaeger and a tsukahara dismount. Her beam is a bit shaky but on floor she performed clean double backs, piked and tucked and finished with a double twist. On vault, she fell on her Yurchenko layout. Cagla Akyol, who won in her age class last year, placed second. She performed a difficult floor routine including a piked tsukahara, 2.5 twist+front layout, 1.5 bwd+front full and a double back dismount under the eyes of her trainer Claudia Schunk.

It’s one of my favourite routines of the competition. Click play or watch it on YouTube:

On beam Akyol wasn’t as solid as usual but finished with a strong double piked dismount  and on bars she performed a Jaeger, a Tkatchev and a double front dismount (fall). Pauline Schäfer is another promising gymnast in this strong age class. She didn’t have her best day on beam where she fell several times (even on a “simple” move) but showed an extremely clean but not too difficult floor routine for a seventh place finish.

Finally, Janine Berger won the oldest age class. She perfomed a piked tsuk and 2.5 twists on floor where her dance still has a lot of potential. On bars she did a Shapos, piked Jaeger and a tsuk dismount and on vault a Tsukahara with a full twist.

Watch most of the routines on german-gymnastics. Click on the left on “Competitions 2011” and then on “Deutsche Jugendmeisterschaften” and on the routines of the gymnasts you want to see. Or click through to this YouTube-channel.

The photos are from Bernhard Schwall’s excellent website Click through to see a lot more.

Happy Birthday, Oksana!

June 19, 2011

Oksana Chusovitina turns 36 today.