Friendly meet U 13 – FRA v GER v GBR v ITA v SUI

UPDATE: Italy (157.950) won over Germany (150.650) and Great Britain (149.800) , France (145.050) placed fourth and Switzerland (133.400) fifth. Lara Mori (51.950) won over Alina Ehret (50.800) and Sara Barri (50.550) in the all-around.

results: team / all-around

What comes after the year 2012? Right, 2016! The next Olympics but one are just around the corner. Today, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland all send their young, talented gymnasts, who are too young for London, to a friendly U 13 meet in Tittmoning (GER). Whom of the following gymnasts will actually be in Rio?

FRA: Maiwenn Fourny, Manon Gouel, Claire Martin, Eva Pedeneau, Louise Vanhille

GER: Alina Ehret, Kim Janas, Nadja Schulze, Pauline Tratz and Antonia Alicke (Click here to read more about them in the report about the recent German Junior Championships 2011.)

GBR: Rhyannon Jones, Amy Tinkler, Emely Crowe, Shannon Archer, Imogen Chan

ITA: Sara Barri, Enus Mariani, Giorgia Morera, Lara Mori, Nicole Terlengi

SUI: Michelle Kraus, Fiona Ulrich, Michelle Gugger, Selina Giger, Stefi Siegehthaler

external links: gymmedia / “official website”

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