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Eberhard Gienger – 60th Birthday

July 21, 2011

Eberhard Gienger turned 60 today! Happy Birthday!

The German gymnast not only won gold on high bar at the 1974 Worlds, the Olympic bronze medal in 1976 and several European and National titles but also performed the so called “Gienger” (it’s Gienger NOT Geinger!) which is a very popular D-element on UB (on the women’s side). Since then he’s always been involved in the sport and sometimes still likes to get his grips on.

Here’s a nice interview and report on his life (it’s from today). Click play or watch it on YouTube:

fun factor: Actually, Eberhard Gienger wanted to perfom a Deltchev but did it the wrong way – that’s how he invented the Gienger.

Chellsie Memmel – comeback kid

July 21, 2011

Gymnastike did a great job with this interview of the 2005 World Champion Chellsie Memmel, in which she also does some skills on bars, beam and floor. Memmel says she’s trying to get her old routines back which means she might show us the following ones this weekend in Chicago.

Click play or watch her bars form the 2008 Olympic trials on YouTube:

Click play or watch her incredible beam routine on YouTube:

In other news, Shawn Johnson trains a Shaposhnikova.

So how about this 2012 US Olympic Team: Shawn Johnson, Chellsie Memmel, Rebecca Bross, Jordyn Wieber, Alicia Sacramone!?

Ksenia Semenova back in shape – video

July 21, 2011

Alexander Alexandrov, the head coach of the Russian women’s team, named Ksenia Semenova as candidate for the Russian team for Worlds. Below is a short video of her on the uneven bars, in which she looks like in 2007 (she definitely lost some weight). She performes a toe-on full+Deltchev.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

A big thank you to shagya from the forum for the link!

Draw of Rhythmic Worlds & Ukraine Host in 2013

July 19, 2011

Violaine Robinet (front) and Delphine Ledoux (back)

Here are some FIG news on the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships this September in Montpellier, France. And if you haven’t seen the promotion video, you should. It will be a great competition – tickets for the finals are already sold out. Click here to see the draw!

The draw for the 31st edition of the Rhythmic World Championships took place recently at the FIG headquarters, with the FIG President himself on hand to oversee proceedings.

Montpellier 2011 will be particularly significant for two reasons, as it will first serve as the first of two qualification routes to the 2012 Olympics. The 15 best individual gymnasts in the All-around and the six best groups overall will book their tickets to London! The competition will also qualify the gymnasts for the World Games to be held in Cali (COL) in 2013 and featuring Gymnastics with its Rhythmic individuals, Trampoline synchro, Aerobic and Acrobatic Gymnastics.

and the post-Olympic Worlds will be in Kiev:

The FIG and the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation have signed an agreement that will see Ukraine play host to the 32nd Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in 2013. It will be the first time that Ukraine has staged such a prestigious event.


the complete French team

official website / more photos on the rg-blog

Ariella Kaeslin enjoys her gymnastics-free life

July 19, 2011

Swiss gymnastics superstar Ariella Kaeslin announced her retirement last week. But she’s already enjoying her past-gym life waterskiing on the Lake of Lucerne.

Click here or on the screenshot below to watch the video!

Sport will always be a part of her life. She is even considering doing an Ironman Triathlon.

Kaeslin looks great!

more photos on

Here’s a nice interview in which she talks about her general plans and that she thinks, Switzerland will definitely qualify for London (what?).

Yuri van Gelder is really fast

July 19, 2011

Yuri van Gelder of the Netherlands was in Lausanne at the 2011 World Gymnaestrada, where he entertained the audience with a very fast routine on rings :-).

Click play or watch him on YouTube:

Hambüchen will compete in less than a month

July 19, 2011

Fabian Hambüchen, the guy who tore his achilles tendon in January, will compete at the first trials of the German women’s and men’s teams for the Worlds 2011 in Tokyo. The German gymnastics elite will meet on the 13th of August in Altendiez. Hambüchen will do three to four events but as the doctor Johannes Peil forbid him to train floor and vault, he definitely won’t do the all-around: Neither at the first trials, nor at the second trials – the German Championships on the 27th/28th of August -, nor at the World Championships. He definitely doesn’t want to risk to injure his foot again. For example, he will only compete in Altendiez if he’s allowed to use soft landing mats.

But Andreas Hirsch, the German head coach, has enough healthy gymnasts to chose from: Philipp Boy, Marcel Nguyen, Matthias Fahrig (who is extremely strong on the two apparatus Hambüchen can’t do – vault and floor)… As every team, Germany (well, the men’s team) will try to qualify directly to the 2012 Olympics.

Fabian Hambüchen worked extremely hard for his comeback – 40 hours/week of rehab instead of the normal 32hours/week of training – and added a lot of muscles in his upper body. And his father and coach, Wolfgang Hambüchen, thinks he’s even stronger than before the injury on high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse and rings.

(DTB / mz-web)

Russians in Spain – video

July 18, 2011

Watch this video featuring Mustafina, Komova & co. at the training camp in Spain, Mallorca. Mustafina is already doing some skills (free cartwheel) on beam.

Click here or on the screenshot belowto see the video!

Here’s a better photo of all the girls at the training camp.

Tatiana Nabieva, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Ramilya Musina, Yulia Belokobilskaya, Tatiana Solovyeva, Yulia Inshina, Victoria Komova, Anna Dementyeva, Maria Dunaeva (Mustafina's missing)

Click here to see a few more photos!

Here’s a question: Does anyone know why Maria Stepanova didn’t join them in sunny Spain? Recently, I’ve seen her doing a floor routine including a whip+double arabian and a 2.5+full layout front.

Another Fun Acro Routine

July 16, 2011

Having a bad day? Just take a look at another great routine of the junior women’s group from Belgium. Ineke, Julie and Laure really know how to dance and entertain the audience. I’m pretty sure we are looking at the future European and World Champions.

Click play or watch them on YouTube:

“Cold Warrior” – gymnastics film in post-production

July 16, 2011

UPDATE: The trailer for the movie has been released. Click play or watch it on YouTube:

(via DoubleFront)

A few month ago I first reported about the film project “Cold Warrior”. In the meantime it already has been shot from 11th-16th June in Nottingham. First pictures of the setting, the cast and the crew appeared on facebook and the website of the director, Emily Greenwood. A trailer of the short film should be published soon.

Here’s a short reminder what this film will be about:

‘Cold Warrior’ is a thriller set in Romania in the run up to the 1980 Moscow Olympics. It’s about the abortion doping allegations that tarnished the gymnastics world at the time [… and] tells the story of Ana, a young gymnast struggling with the limitations of her talent against the mighty powers of a Communist state that’s pushing her to succeed on a global sporting stage.

Laurence Miller and Eloise Little - coach Teodor and gymnast Ana

The Nottingham Post published an interview with director Emily Greenwood about the film.

What was it that interested you about the subject of abortion doping that you decided to write a screenplay about it?
A colleague first told me about abortion-doping, Olga Korbut had been in the press at the time which led to the subject being raised. I’m generally attracted to stories about individuals who experience something extraordinary, something that’s going to put their personality to the test. I like giving something to the audience that they may not know about and also stories that provoke strong emotions and raise challenging questions. When I first heard about abortion-doping, it inspired me to write a story that would fulfill all of those criteria.
It’s quite a controversial subject matter – what’s the reaction you’re hoping to gain from this film?
I very much hope that people will feel that I am treating it purely from a speculative point of view – the last thing I want to do is point fingers or accuse anyone. Giving the film a location was difficult, but it had to be done. Romania felt like the most interesting and fitting backdrop for my story – I’m not suggesting these things happened in Romania, and I hope I don’t offend anyone from that perspective.
What do you think the biggest challenges of making Cold Warrior will be?
It is the general consensus that you should write what you know, so I’m already making things difficult for myself by writing about something that is so shrouded in secrecy and unknown to most people. Creating the eighties Romanian backdrop on a low budget and the illusion of a packed Olympic stadium isn’t going to be easy. Casting Ana is also a challenge, considering that we need someone who can pass as a Olympic level gymnast and be a great actress who can do a believable Romanian accent! There are many challenges ahead, but they’ll be worthwhile!
I’m interested how all of this turns out and I’ll watch this film, for sure!