Friendly U 15 Meet – ITA wins over GER and FRA

Italy wins over Germany and France, Switzerland places fourth at the 6th Trofeo Andrea Massuchi in Mortara today!

UPDATE: complete results

Overall, the Italian girls definitely impressed the audience – and not only because they competed in front of the home crowd. Especially on beam and on floor, they showed cleaner and more difficult routines. Next year, Italy gets some very competitive seniors with Erika Fasana (1st VT), Elisa Meneghini (1st UB, FX) and Francesca Deagostini (1st BB). Janine Berger of Germany impressed with her tsukahara vault, but the German team had too many falls on beam.

Here’s a short summary of the routines which were broadcast live on the website of the Italian gymnastics federation:

Nadine Schubert (UB) – double layout dismount

Cagla Akyol (UB) – Jaeger, Tkatchev and double front dismount

Sophie Scheder (UB) – inside stalder, fall,

Francesca de Agostini (VT) – Yurchenko full

Nadine Schulz (FX) – full twist, double twist, front full, good choreography

After 1st rotation: ITA 55.100 / GER 51.700 / SUI 49.950 / FRA 48.600

Hitz (VT) – handspring front somersault piked

Laura Schulte (VT) – yurchenko full

Sara Metzger (VT) – handspring front somersault piked with half twist (very happy about the vault)

Lara Wondrak (BB) – arabian (fall), backhandspring step-out+back piked (fall) with bend legs, side somi (3rd fall), long pauses

Scheder (BB) – free walkover+bhs step-out, free cartwheel, side somi (fall), great amplitude on the split leaps, split half, round-off double twist dismount, overall long elegant lines

Janine Berger (BB) – switch split+back tuck, bhs+layout step-out, side somi, front tuck, 1.5 front dismount

Nadine Schubert (BB) – side somi, free cartwheel, double back dismount

Cagla Akyol (BB) – turn leg high+turn, switch split leap+free cartwheel, double piked dismount (fall)

Alessia Leolini (UB) – double piked dismount

Arianna Salvi (UB) – Tkatchev, lots of back giants, double layout dismount – 13.650

Elisa Meneghini (UB) – Jaeger, double arabian dismount – 13.800

Erika Fasana (UB) – Tkatchev, back giants, double layout dismount

Francesca Deagostini (UB) – Tkatchev, double layout dismount

Manon Cormoreche (FX) – rudi, entertaining dance, double twist dismount

Toscane Bougerad (FX) – front layout+front somersault, double twist dismount

Maeva Brevet (FX) – double tuck

Sarah Line Errin (FX) – front layout+front tuck, double twist dismount

After 2nd rotation: ITA 82.850 / GER 78.450 / SUI 78.400 / FRA 76.900

Leolini (BB) – switch leap+back piked, bhs+layout step-out, free walkover+sheep jump, back tuck, wobble after turn, beautiful stand, bhs+bhs+1.5 twists dismount

Salvi (BB) – press to handstand, free walkover+bhs+layout step-out, sheep jump (wobble), full turn leg high, free cartwheel (fall), 1.5 twisting dismount

Meneghini (BB) – press to handstand, free walkover+bhs+layout step-out, free cartwheel, switch leap+back tuck, side somi, double back dismount (lots of applause) – 14.200

Fasana (BB) – press to handstand (what else?), switch leap+back piked, bhs+back tuck, free walkover, side somi, turn+full turn leg high, 1.5 twisting dismount

Deagostini (BB) – roll on, bhs+layout step-out, free walkover, switch split+back tuck+sheep jump, front tuck, switch ring leap, double piked dismount, she has lots of energy – 14.400

Wondrak (FX) – double tuck (several steps+fall), 1.5+front tuck (deep landing), double twisting dismount

Schubert (FX) – 1.5+front tuck+leap, 2.5 twisting dismount

Scheder (FX) – double piked (steps), double tucked, triple turn (stumbles), front layout+front tucked, double twist, she’s so tall and skinny – 12.500

Berger (FX) – front double twist – 13.050

Akyol (FX) – piked tsuk, 2.5 twists+front layout, 1.5 twists+front full, double back, great routine for her – 13.150

Metzger (UB) – Jaeger (pause), pak, double piked dismount, very slow routine

Hitz (UB) – Jaeger, pak, stalder (fall), double tuck dismount

After 3rd rotation: ITA 125.450 / GER 117.500 / FRA 116.850 / SUI 116.200

Schubert (VT) – yurchenko layout

Akyol (VT) – yurchenko layout

Berger (VT) – tsukahara full – 14.050

Wondrak (VT) – yurchenko layout

Leolini (FX) – starts again after music problems, begins down on the floor, double piked, double back, ends with beautiful double turn

Salvi (FX) – full turn leg high, double piked, front layout+front tuck (oob), spanish music, illusion turn, nice choreo, front full dismount

Meneghini (FX) – rock music, starts again after music problems, tsuk, double back (high), nice push to handstand from headstand, 1.5+front full, double piked, great finish & really good routine!

Fasana (FX) – also starts on the floor, beautiful double turn with leg high, tsuk, front full+layout, expressive choreo, full twist bwd., double piked (little hop), another great routine for Italy – 13.800

Deagostini (FX) – piked tsuk (definitely oob), very clean double twists, double piked dismount – 13.650

Schulte (BB) – free walkover (fall), free cartwheel (fall), double back, she’s very disappointed

Caterina Barloggio (BB) – front tuck, back tuck, bhs+layout step-out, full turn in tuck stand, bhs+back tucked dismount with full twist

Hitz (BB) – bhs+layout (fall), side somi (several arm circles), Johnson, front full piked dismount

Schulz (BB) – press to handstand, back tuck, free cartwheel, bhs+side somi, cute butt-shaking, 1.5 twisting dismount

After last rotation: ITA 166.900 / GER 157.900 / FRA 153.950 / SUI 152.550

I’ll link to official results as soon as they come up. Once again, it was disappointing read anything about the meet on the official websites of Germany and Switzerland – France published a little announcement. But Italy did a great job with the live streaming!

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  2. Kat Says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this meet and the live streaming when it wasn’t even mentioned on the DTB website. Detailed results are available at by the way!

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