The fantastic career of Ariella Kaeslin

Surprisingly – and I have to say unfortunately – , the Swiss star of gymnastics, Ariella Kaeslin, retired today.

Click play or watch her retirement broadcast on Swiss television on YouTube:

Ariella Kaeslin, 23, had a fantastic career and her retirement sure is a big loss for the Swiss gymnastics federation. Since she started gymnastics at the age of four, she won in the following two decades several World Cup medals, mostly on vault, three European medals, gold on vault and bronze in the all-around in 2009 and, of course, bronze on vault this year in Berlin. In 2009 at the Worlds in London she also added a silver medal on vault to her collection. At the 2008 Olympics she finished 18th with impressive 58.00 points in the AA and placed 5th in the vault final. Especially this 5th place brought her a lot of attention in Switzerland, where she is a real celebrity.

Let’s take a look at her best and most memorable performances.

Her moment at the Olympic games – the vault final. She placed 5th behind Hong, Chusovitina, Fei and Sacramone. Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Once again a butterfly-leo. At the 2009 Worlds she took the silver medal behind Kayla Williams with two good but not fabulous vaults: handspring 1.5 twists and yurchenko 1.5. Click play or watch her on YouTube:

Here she is at the American Cup 2010 on floor with an unusual music and choreo – I always liked it. Click play or watch her on YouTube:

This routine on balance beam including a round-off layout mount (to two feet) brought her the bronze medal in the all-around at Euros 2009.

And here’s her last competition and her last medal on her favourite apparatus’ – the vault. Click play or watch her performance at the Euros 2011 on YouTube:

I’ll miss Ariella on the competition floor but as she already announces in the video above, she has a lot of ideas what will come next and I’m sure she’ll always stay involved in gymnastics.

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