“Cold Warrior” – gymnastics film in post-production

UPDATE: The trailer for the movie has been released. Click play or watch it on YouTube:

(via DoubleFront)

A few month ago I first reported about the film project “Cold Warrior”. In the meantime it already has been shot from 11th-16th June in Nottingham. First pictures of the setting, the cast and the crew appeared on facebook and the website of the director, Emily Greenwood. A trailer of the short film should be published soon.

Here’s a short reminder what this film will be about:

‘Cold Warrior’ is a thriller set in Romania in the run up to the 1980 Moscow Olympics. It’s about the abortion doping allegations that tarnished the gymnastics world at the time [… and] tells the story of Ana, a young gymnast struggling with the limitations of her talent against the mighty powers of a Communist state that’s pushing her to succeed on a global sporting stage.

Laurence Miller and Eloise Little - coach Teodor and gymnast Ana

The Nottingham Post published an interview with director Emily Greenwood about the film.

What was it that interested you about the subject of abortion doping that you decided to write a screenplay about it?
A colleague first told me about abortion-doping, Olga Korbut had been in the press at the time which led to the subject being raised. I’m generally attracted to stories about individuals who experience something extraordinary, something that’s going to put their personality to the test. I like giving something to the audience that they may not know about and also stories that provoke strong emotions and raise challenging questions. When I first heard about abortion-doping, it inspired me to write a story that would fulfill all of those criteria.
It’s quite a controversial subject matter – what’s the reaction you’re hoping to gain from this film?
I very much hope that people will feel that I am treating it purely from a speculative point of view – the last thing I want to do is point fingers or accuse anyone. Giving the film a location was difficult, but it had to be done. Romania felt like the most interesting and fitting backdrop for my story – I’m not suggesting these things happened in Romania, and I hope I don’t offend anyone from that perspective.
What do you think the biggest challenges of making Cold Warrior will be?
It is the general consensus that you should write what you know, so I’m already making things difficult for myself by writing about something that is so shrouded in secrecy and unknown to most people. Creating the eighties Romanian backdrop on a low budget and the illusion of a packed Olympic stadium isn’t going to be easy. Casting Ana is also a challenge, considering that we need someone who can pass as a Olympic level gymnast and be a great actress who can do a believable Romanian accent! There are many challenges ahead, but they’ll be worthwhile!
I’m interested how all of this turns out and I’ll watch this film, for sure!

2 Responses to ““Cold Warrior” – gymnastics film in post-production”

  1. RussiaFan Says:

    God, that film sounds like a complete piece of shit. Perhaps Ms Greenwood should have done some genuine research about gymnastics instead of just believing bullshit from the tabloids. She might have found out that the alleged Soviet Olympian who allegedly was subjected to abortion as reported in the German tabloid TV trash programme RTL Extra actually went to court against the media- and won. The story was found to be a complete fabrication.

  2. gymnicetic Says:

    Thanks for your comment!
    That’s why I posted parts of the interview with her, in which she speaks about “treating it purely from a speculative point of view”. I’m interested in which way Emily Greenwood will present the topic and if she really found a convincing actress/gymnast…
    I’d like to see the RTL Extra report – do you know if it’s still available somewhere??

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