Hambüchen will compete in less than a month

Fabian Hambüchen, the guy who tore his achilles tendon in January, will compete at the first trials of the German women’s and men’s teams for the Worlds 2011 in Tokyo. The German gymnastics elite will meet on the 13th of August in Altendiez. Hambüchen will do three to four events but as the doctor Johannes Peil forbid him to train floor and vault, he definitely won’t do the all-around: Neither at the first trials, nor at the second trials – the German Championships on the 27th/28th of August -, nor at the World Championships. He definitely doesn’t want to risk to injure his foot again. For example, he will only compete in Altendiez if he’s allowed to use soft landing mats.

But Andreas Hirsch, the German head coach, has enough healthy gymnasts to chose from: Philipp Boy, Marcel Nguyen, Matthias Fahrig (who is extremely strong on the two apparatus Hambüchen can’t do – vault and floor)… As every team, Germany (well, the men’s team) will try to qualify directly to the 2012 Olympics.

Fabian Hambüchen worked extremely hard for his comeback – 40 hours/week of rehab instead of the normal 32hours/week of training – and added a lot of muscles in his upper body. And his father and coach, Wolfgang Hambüchen, thinks he’s even stronger than before the injury on high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse and rings.

(DTB / mz-web)

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