Hambüchen earns impressive 16.65 on HB

What a comeback! Originally, Fabian Hambüchen, who tore his achilles tendon in January, planned to come back at the first German trials for the Worlds in Altendiez next weekend. But then he decided to test his routines (except floor and vault) before the trials at the fifth competition of the German Bundesliga.

He struggled on pommel horse (10.45), but showed good routines on rings (15.40, only topped by Marcel Nguyen’s 15.70) and parallel bars (15.50) and an excellent one on high bar: 16.65/7.5 including a Kolman, a layout Tkatchev and a layout Jaeger full (E). That’s the routine he plans to keep until the 2012 Olympics. You can watch a part of the routine on the sports news/zdf though the video might not work outside of Germany.

Overall, KTV Straubenhardt (Hambüchen, Nguyen, Weber, Taranu…) won over KTG Saar with 160:4 at this meet.

DTL / tagesspiegel

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