Bui 1st, Jarosch 2nd, Hill 3rd

On the women’s side, Kim Bui won over newcomer Nadine Jarosch and Lisa-Katharina Hill at the first German trials for the World Championships. Elisabeth Seitz is slightly injured but will compete at the German Championships in two weeks.

First of all, Kim Bui‘s comeback is a great surprise – in Berlin at the Europeans this year she still decided to do only bars – and today she earned 55.100 points in the all-around with her highest score of 14.35 on bars where she performed a Khorkina, a Shaposhnikova, a Jaeger, Pak and a tsukahara dismount (6.1 D-Score). On beam she fell on her double back dismount and got her lowest score, 13.00. Floor is another good apparatus for her: Tsukahara, 2.5+front layout half, double back tucked and piked brought her 13.65. On vault she performed a perfect handspring front layout with half turn for 14.10. With these performances Kim Bui – who might also try for the vault final again – earned her spot on the team for Worlds. She’s a great all-arounder and will definitely help a German women’s team which doesn’t have much depth at the moment (or better said: it never had much depth not only at the moment).

Nadine Jarosch surprised everyone when she won the bronze medal on vault at this years Challenger Cup in Cottbus and even more when she almost qualified to the floor final at Europeans. Today, she had another good competition (54.350) , starting on vault with a Yurchenko 1.5 for 14.25 points. Bars, her weakest apparatus, were okay and on beam she fell – as so many of the competitors – at least only once on the acro series but she still finished strong on floor with a tsuk, front layout with double twist and a triple twist for 14.00.

I didn’t write a preview for the women’s team because there were so many question marks. Elisabeth Seitz and Oksana Chusovitina will be on the team for Worlds and if they stay healthy and as strong as they are now and more importantly if Germany – however – qualifies for the Olympics, they’ll be on this team as well. That’s for sure. So four respectively three spots are left. But I had no idea how prepared the girls from Stuttgart, Kim Bui, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Giulia Hindermann and Pia Tolle or Nadine Jarosch are. After Bui’s and Jarosch’s performances I see them on the team for Worlds and if they improve even on the Olympic team – once again: If there will be a team. Unfortunately, none of the other first year seniors, Desiree Baumert or Katja Roll had a breakthrough this year, and the other seniors, Anja Brinker, Joeline Möbius didn’t even compete.

Marie-Sophie Hindermann performed a Yurchenko full on vault, had a difficult bars routine but fell unfortunately, stayed on the beam and stepped out of bounds twice and fell on floor – not the best competition for her. With her fourth place finish she still has a chance to qualify for Worlds. Lisa-Katharina Hill is on a similar level. She also fell twice, on beam and bars. Pia Tolle who finished fifth had the highest score on balance beam but fell four times altogether – twice on bars and twice on floor. Her teammateGiulia Hindermann had the same amount of falls.

Finally, Oksana Chusovitina did her job as usual: A solid beam work for 13.70 and two great vaults, a tsuk 1.5 and a handspring front full for 14.70.

Conclusion: 1. Kim Bui and Nadine Jarosch did a good job. They will be on the team. 2. The girls fell way too often. And the gymnasts with the least falls at the German Championships will have the best chances to get the other two spots. It will be all about solid performances at the World Championships.

complete results / videos

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