Full twisting Shaposh – the “Seitz”?

Here are some very new news: If Elisabeth Seitz were able to compete yesterday at the first German trials for Worlds she would have performed a full twisting Shaposhnikova on bars (instead of the Def). Hopefully we will see her doing this skill, which isn’t in the Code yet, at the German Championships in two weeks.

Click play or watch what a full twisting Shaposh looks like on YouTube:

These news come from the official website of the gymnastics association from Baden.

UPDATE: Elisabeth Seitz competed this skill (to be absolutely correct, it’s a full-twisting Maloney) in the all-around and event finals at the German Championships.

3 Responses to “Full twisting Shaposh – the “Seitz”?”

  1. Christy Says:

    Why aren’t the signs in german…? I think thats an american gymnast.

    • gymnicetic Says:

      Yes, it’s not Seitz herself – just to let you know what the skill looks like. Sorry if this hasn’t been clear.

  2. Thursday Miscellany | The Couch Gymnast Says:

    […] gymnastics blogger Mila, of Gymnicetic has announced that German bars talent Elisabeth Seitz is training a full-twisting Shaposhnikova.  […]

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