USA vs. Russia: Floor

Now we take a look at the last apparatus: Floor. So far, the teams are pretty equal, the USA is better on vault, Russia is better on bars – and none of them can catch up on these apparatus until the World Championships. Let’s see which team will dominate floor at Worlds, the USA or Russia?

The scores still come from the qualification and all-around final at the Russian Cup and day 1 and 2 at Visa’s. And once again: Of course, gymnasts from both countries still have the time to improve their performances but assuming they’ll improve pretty equally I’ll ignore potentially increased difficulty or better execution but calculate with what we know right now.

On the Russian team are: Dementyeva, Komova, Afanasyeva, Belokobylskaya, Nabieva and Paseka.

I assume on the US team will be: Sacramone, Wieber, Raisman, Maroney, Memmel definitely and maybe Caquatto.

Russia unfortunately lost two great floor routines when Mustafina and Komova got injured. Komova didn’t perform full difficulty at the Russian Cup and it’s unlikely she’ll be back with her old strength on this apparatus. Luckily, Dementyeva also improved on floor (on which event didn’t she improve?) and Afanasyeva as well as Belokobylskaya also have reasonable routines.

Anna Dementyeva: 14.900/14.825 = 14.863

Ksenia Afanasyeva: 14.975/14.700 = 14.838

Yulia Belokobylskaya: 14.275/14.575 = 14.425

14.863 + 14.838 + 14.425 = 44.126

On the other hand we have the USA with Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney, Alicia Sacramone and Alexandra Raisman. Wieber will perform, that’s for sure, and as Sacramone’s difficulty isn’t as high as Raisman’s or Maroney’s I guess she either has to improve her difficulty a lot or make her routine and especially her landings a lot cleaner. But Maroney fell on the first day of comeptition. Nevertheless, for now I see Raisman and Maroney with Wieber on the floor.

Jordyn Wieber: (6.0 D-Score) 14.900/15.000 = 14.950

Alexandra Raisman: (6.1 D-Score) 14.800/14.350 = 14.575

McKayla Maroney: (6.1 D-Score) 13.650/14.500 = 14.075

14.950 + 14.575 + 14.075 = 43.600

Without Maroney’s fall, they would have an overall score of 44.100 on floor.

To sum up: With floor it’s the same with beam – Russia and the USA are on the same level.

So overall I only showed you what you already knew: Russia isn’t in such a bad position without Mustafina as everyone thought. In fact, if everyone stays on (as it always happens in a nerve-wracking team final 😉 ) Russia and the USA have both the exactly same chance to win the gold medal (if Russia gets the two Amanars from Nabieva and Paseka ready!). To be honest, before I compared the scores I thought the USA would be at least two points ahead of Russia but it turns out that I’ve been wrong. The World Championships will be another gymnastics thriller – great to get into the mood for what will happen at the Olympic Games!

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  2. RaLa Says:

    The Chinese and the Romanians could surprise us all. (Though my heart is with the US.)

  3. Monisha Vohra Says:

    I really appreciate all of the grueling work that you’ve put into keeping this place here for everyone. I truly hope this sticks around for a good long time.

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