Another Dutch Scandal: Endel, Harmes, Van de Leur, Wammes

Suzanne Harmes, Verona van de Leur

“The gymnasts Suzanne Harmes, Verona van de Leur, Renske Endel and Gabriella Wammes say they were abused by their trainers.”Insults, belittling and bullying were part of the daily routine.” Also, every now and then a corrective tap “were handed out”, they say.”

All four of them are accusing coaches Gerrit Beltman and Frank Louter in the journal “Helden” and the newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad”. Ex-coach Louter rejects the charge. The Dutch gymnastics association KNGU offered Harmes, van de Leur, Endel and Wammes a conversation.

full articles: (English translation) (second article) and

UPDATE: Here’s another link to the magazine “Helden”. Harmes and Wammes went to the presentation of the new issue of the magazine and talked about their experience (video in Dutch). And here’s another article of the magazine about the “terror of gymnastics” in general.

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