Friendly Meet NED/POL – Results & Videos

At a friendly meet between the Netherlands and Poland yesterday, the Dutch team won with 219.850 points over the Polish team (209.400).

In the all-around, Celine van Gerner (55.750) won over Joy Goedkoop (55.700) and Martha Pihan-Kulesza (54.450).

Videos of the meet are already on the YouTube-channel of gymcat67.

Celine van Gerner performed a very unique choreography in her new floor routine with one of the best double turns with horizontal leg I’ve seen.

Her bars routine including a very high Jaeger is also nice to watch.

Except for the double back dismount on which she put her hands on the mat, van Gerners beam routine isn’t bad either: round-off + layout, two split leaps full (on right, the other left), a front tuck…

Marlies Rijken finished 4th overall. On floor she performs a ballet-inspired choreography and some good tumbling including a double arabian and a 1.5 twists bwd. into round-off double twist + backhandspring step-out.

Unfortunately she fell on her layout step-out on beam, but still finished strong with a standing arabian and an interesting “round-off” double back which looks more like a cartwheel double back.

Lieke Wevers performed three different turns on beam in an overall very solid performance. Her sister Sanne injured her ankle in training.

Yvette Moshage had some serious problems on the uneven bars – something which I haven’t seen in a while. She came of twice, on a back giant and a toe-on + half but managed to finish her routine with a double layout dismount.

So far no videos of performances from the Polish team were uploaded on YouTube.

results: AA / team

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