The Best of Ghent – EF Videos

Only a few hours after the Ghent Challenger Cup concluded, videos of the winning performances are luckily already on DrMtzLizama’s YouTube-channel.

Ukrainian gymnast Mariya Livchikova won floor with extremely well executed tumbling and an elegant choreography. Even when she has to take a step on the landing it looks as if it’s part of the choreo. And her knees are glued together on the handspring + double front. (14.375)

Daiane dos Santos from Brazil put on her “dress-leo” and took the bronze medal with a completely different routine than Livchikova’s: Hops and steps on the landings, big tumbling with a piked double arabian and energetic choreo. (13.425)

Livchikova also won the silver on beam with interesting, unusual elements and combinations: front aerial + front tuck, “handstand” + standing arabian, side aerial + layout step-out. A few little wobbles here and there got her an overall score of 14.625 (6.2).

Of course, she couldn’t top Liufang Wu who won gold with an excellent routine, of which you have probably already seen the qualifications video. (14.975)

Stefani Bismpikou from Greece and Luisa Galiulina from Uzbekistan tied for the bronze (13.950). Viktoria Komova fell on her second layout. But she won gold on bars with impressive 15.650 points (6.7) where she stuck her dismount perfectly.

Yuyuan Jiang took the silver medal (15.375).

Yuyuan Jiang was only 0.025 points ahead of Liufang Wu (15.350).

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