Gymnastics News – Uchimura injured?

  • Okay, I have a question: Did Kohei Uchimura get injured? First, I read a short comment on STOI! about a sprained ankle, then I did a little research in the internet and found some articles in Japanes about the topic but as the translation is terrible I’m not sure what it actually says: Uchimura injured his right ankle several on August 10th and avoided to compete on floor and vault but he’ll recover until Worlds?!?
  • On YouTube I found a video of a promotional event for the World Championships in Tokyo. Uchimura and Tsurumi did some outdoor-gymnastics and helped some kids to get on the beam or high bar. 
  • Dutch gymnast and Queen of Turns on Beam Sanne Wevers definitely injured her ankle in training last week. As it will take her six weeks to recover, she won’t have a chance to make the team for Worlds which will be announced September 14th.
  • Former gymnast and Olympic gold medalist from Italy, Igor Cassina, will teach physical education as a professor in New York for at least one year.
  • And as you already know: The nominative registrations for the World Championships are on the FIG website.

One Response to “Gymnastics News – Uchimura injured?”

  1. Full Twist Says:

    If Uchimura is injured the Japanese are keeping it quiet! It does sound like he got some sort of injury and that’s why he decided to do 4 of 6 pieces. Perhaps not doing floor & vault. Interesting!!! thanks for posting 🙂

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