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2011 European Acrobatic Championships – All-Around Results & Photos

October 30, 2011

Today, the 2011 European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships in Varna (BUL) concluded with the combined routines of the junior and senior gymnasts.

In the senior division, Russia won with the women’s group and the men’s pair two more gold medals in the all-around. Great Britain took gold with the women’s pair and the men’s group. And Portugal surprisingly won the mixed pair title.

detailed results all-around: mixed pairwomen’s groupmen’s pairmen’s groupwomen’s pair

In the junior division, the mixed pair from Belgium Laure de Pryck and Nicolas Vleeshouwers won their third gold medal ahead of Alice Upcott and Dominic Smith of Great Britain and Charlotte Deneuville and Maxime Rolland Jacob from France. All of the other gold medals went to Russia.

detailed results all-around: mixed pair junior / women’s group junior / men’s pair junior / men’s group junior / women’s pair junior

Overall, Russia dominated the field, followed by Great Britain, Belgium, Belarus and the Ukraine:

RUS 13 gold / 12 silver

GBR 6 gold / 4 silver / 3 bronze

BEL 5 gold / 2 silver / 3 bronze

BLR 3 gold / 8 silver / 7 bronze

UKR 2 gold / 2 silver / 6 bronze

POR 1 gold / 1 bronze

BUL 2 silver / 5 bronze

POL 4 bronze

FRA 1 bronze

Alice Upcott and Dominic Smith (GBR)

Great Britain's men's group

Cirque de Soleil

2011 European Acrobatic Championships – More Results & Photos

October 30, 2011

On the second day of finals at the 2011 European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships in Varna (BUL), the top nations still dominated the field.

In the junior division, Belgium won gold with the women’s pair and mixed pair – Nicolas Vleeshouwers and Laure de Pryck got (one of ?) the highest execution scores: 9.400. Russia took the title with the men’s group, Great Britain won with the men’s pair and Belarus with the women’s group. Silver and bronze medals also went to these nations and Ukraine and Bulgaria.

detailed results: mixed pair junior – static / women’s group junior – static / men’s pair junior – dynamic / men’s group junior – dynamic / women’s pair junior – dynamic

Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Great Britain shared the gold medals in the senior division. Ukraine won with the men’s group, Belarus with the mixed pair after the Russian pair (Revaz Gurgenidze and Tatiana Okulova) had to take some steps on their balance elements), Great Britain took the title with the men’s pair (Spelbound’s Edward Upcott and Adam Mcassey won their second gold at the Championships). And Russia dominated the women’s group and women’s pair final. In addition, Ukraine won four bronze medals and Portugal surprisingly ended up on the podium (third place) with the mixed pair.

detailed results: mixed pair – static / women’s group – static / men’s pair – dynamic / men’s group – dynamic / women’s pair – dynamic


Click here to watch today’s grand final with the combined routines!

And there were also some excellent new photos uploaded!

Belgium juniors Nicolas Vleeshouwers and Laure de Pryck - second gold

Russia's Revaz Gurgenidze and Tatiana Okulova - "only" silver

juniors Maryna Samkevich and Darya Nestsiaruk (BLR) - bronze medal

Adam Mcassey and Edward Upcott (GBR) on top of the podium

Swiss Cup 2011 – Ponor, Porgras and more

October 28, 2011

The Swiss Cup 2011, an invitational pair competition, will take place next weekend (6th November) in Zurich. Yesterday all of the participants were announced including two strong Romanian pairs: Catalina Ponor and Marian Dragulescu as well as Ana Porgras and Flavius Kozci. Germany will send last years winners: Elisabeth Seitz and Fabian Hambüchen. It will also be interesting how Anna Dementyeva will perform.

UPDATE: Dragulescu and Ponor won’t compete.

2012 Europeans in Montpellier – promotional video

October 28, 2011

The 2012 European Championships for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics will take place next May in Montpellier, France. The French already put a lot of effort in an excellent promotional video of the event. Including a breathtaking jump from a bridge!

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

2011 European Acrobatic Championships – Results & Photos

October 28, 2011

Yesterday, the first medals were given to the junior and senior acrobatic gymnasts at the European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships in Varna, Bulgaria.

In the junior division, Belgium (mixed pair, women’s group) and Russia (men’s pair, men’s group) won each 2 golds, Belarus (women’s pair) one. Silver medals went to Russia (three), Great Britain and host country Bulgaria.

detailed results: mixed pair junior – dynamic / women’s group junior – dynamic / men’s pair junior – static / men’s group junior – static / women’s pair junior – static

The senior division was dominated by Great Britain (men’s pair, men’s group) and again Russia (women’s group, mixed pair), Ukraine took the last gold (women’s pair). Silver and bronze medals went to Great Britain, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Belarus. Adam Mcassy and Edward Upcott (men’s pair) from Spelbound presented another flawless routine and took the gold. And veteran Revaz Gurgenidze with his partner Tatiana Okulova from Russia (mixed pair) wowed the crowd with another super-difficult routine.

detailed results: mixed pair – dynamic / women’s group – dynamic / men’s pair – staticmen’s group – static / women’s pair – static

Click here to watch the livestream or search in the library in order to see yesterdays finals and qualifications.

The Belgium women's group with Julie van Gelder, Laure Maes and Ineke van Schoor (my favourite trio) with their balance routine.

Revaz Gurgenidze and Tatiana Okulova (RUS): Gold

Kateryna Sytnikova and Anastasiya Melnychenko (UKR) got gold with their balance routine.

The Sphinx

For more photos go to the official website!

The “Seitz” – an E-Element

October 25, 2011

According to the “Seitz“, a fulltwisting Maloney, successfully performed by Elisabeth Seitz at the World Championships in Tokyo will assumedly be an E-element, worth 0.5 points. The German Gymnastics Federation was hoping for an F-element (0.6 points) but according to the FIG, elements starting on the low bar are generally never worth more than 0.5.

So, an extra half twist on let’s say vault (DTY vs. Amanar) adds 0.7 points to your difficulty while an extra half twist or even a full extra twist on bars (Van Leeuwen/Maloney vs. Seitz) adds 0.1 points. Yes, I know, you can’t really compare bars to vault. But as Elisabeth Seitz does not have the best form on the “Seitz” she’ll think about performing it as it will definitely cost her the extra tenth and maybe even more.

Click play or watch her Worlds routine including “Seitz” and Def on YouTube:

Shawn Johnson and Nike

October 25, 2011

Somehow this BBC clip about Shawn Johnson and her Nike sponsorship never came along my way. Click play or watch her visit the Nike headquarters on YouTube:

2011 Acrobatic Europeans – Age Group Photos

October 24, 2011

My favourite photos of the first three days of the European Acrobatic Age Group Games taking place in Varna, Bulgaria (the European Acrobatic Championships for juniors and seniors start on Wednesday):

flying high

Mathilde Bruynooghe (BEL)

Maria Posvyanskaya and Anastasia & Daria Eremeeva in training

0.1 bonus for the smile 😉

European Champions: Valeriya Viktorova (back) and Daria Guryeva (front) (RUS)

Twins and silver medalists: Daria and Anastasia Eremeeva and Maria Posvyanskaya

Gold medalists from Great Britain: Casey Ely, Kika Green and Lauren Hill

white socks

Iris Foubert, Jasmine Laureys and Emeline Vanhooren (BEL) - fourth place

Connor Bartlett and Millie Spalding (GBR): gold medal

all photos via the official website –

2011 European Acrobatic Championships – schedule, photos, livestream and more

October 23, 2011

UPDATE: Read here about the first results!

Silently, the 25th European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships began in Varna (BUL) this weekend. Actually these Championships are the 25th for seniors, the 9th for juniors and the 6th Age Groups Games. Competitors in the senior (15 +)junior (12-19) and the Age Group (11-16 years) division from Russia, the Ukraine, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland among other nations will fight for gold, silver and bronze medals for balance, dynamic and combined routines in the following events: women’s pair, men’s pair, mixed pair, women’s group and men’s group.

The Age Group Games already took place this weekend. Russia won two gold medals (women’s & men’s pair), Great Britain the other three.

complete results Age Group (11-16): women’s pair / men’s pair / mixed pair / women’s group / men’s group

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming days and the juniors and seniors competition:

Monday 24th: arrival of juniors and seniors / training

Tuesday 25th: junior and senior training

Wednesday 26th: junior qualifications (women’s pair, men’s pair, men’s group: BALANCE / mixed pair, women’s group: DYNAMIC)

Thursday 27th: senior qualifications and finals & junior finals (women’s pair, men’s pair, men’s group: BALANCE / mixed pair, women’s group: DYNAMIC)

Friday 28th: senior and junior qualifications (women’s pair, men’s pair, men’s group: DYNAMIC / mixed pair, women’s group: BALANCE)

Saturday 29th: senior and junior finals (women’s pair, men’s pair, men’s group: DYNAMIC / mixed pair, women’s group: BALANCE)

Sunday 30th: senior and junior all-around finals (combined routines of all events)

For a detailed schedule with the exact times of competition go to the official website of the Europeans.

This is also important if you want to watch the competition LIVE! Bulgaria has EEST (UTC + 3 hours). Click HERE (official website) to watch the tv coverage of the competition and award ceremonies. For the first days there has been a live stream on USstream – but I think it doesn’t work anymore as there’s a better one on the official website. But the best site to watch it is actually, cause you’ll find all streams in the library if you want to watch a routine again.

Also check out the the nominative registrations of the competitors: juniors / seniors

And finally we also already have first pictures of the event. More photos are on their website and on facebook.

Karina Dzhavakhiri, Violetta and Valeriia Muratova

In the following days I’ll post results/photos and more on this blog. So, let’s hope for a great competition!

Kanaeva gets three “perfect 10s”

October 21, 2011

Who said the perfect 10 is dead? At least in rhythmic gymnastics it’s still alive: Evgenia Kanaeva, the best rhythmic gymnast in the world, earned altogether 30 points for her ribbon routine at the recent Grand Prix in Brno – a perfect ten in difficulty, a perfect ten in execution and a perfect ten in artistry. It’s the first time in history!

Click play or watch her on YouTube: