The “Seitz” – an E-Element

According to the “Seitz“, a fulltwisting Maloney, successfully performed by Elisabeth Seitz at the World Championships in Tokyo will assumedly be an E-element, worth 0.5 points. The German Gymnastics Federation was hoping for an F-element (0.6 points) but according to the FIG, elements starting on the low bar are generally never worth more than 0.5.

So, an extra half twist on let’s say vault (DTY vs. Amanar) adds 0.7 points to your difficulty while an extra half twist or even a full extra twist on bars (Van Leeuwen/Maloney vs. Seitz) adds 0.1 points. Yes, I know, you can’t really compare bars to vault. But as Elisabeth Seitz does not have the best form on the “Seitz” she’ll think about performing it as it will definitely cost her the extra tenth and maybe even more.

Click play or watch her Worlds routine including “Seitz” and Def on YouTube:

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